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5 Dropshipping Tricks & Hacks for Amazon in 2022

With millions of people globally using the platform, Amazon is one of the world’s premier companies, especially in North America. The addition of the app has made access to Amazon easier causing it to be more widespread. When you consider how high loyalty among Amazon customers is, the opportunities to explore the possibilities present themselves. This leads to dropshipping on the platform. This will entail the selling of goods and products by retailers without having to bear the burden of holding them in their warehouses.

Because retailers don’t bear the responsibility of holding inventory or shipping, that burden falls onto someone else. With dropshipping, the product manufacturer not only produces the goods but takes care of keeping inventory and shipping. You as the drop shipper are only responsible for customer interaction and maintaining the online store in general. So let’s dive deep into the Amazon dropshipping tricks and life-hacks to get profit in 2022.

Getting Into the Basics

This action is not particularly easy and it needs to be carefully approached. However, if the decision to go through with it is made, the Fulfilled by Amazon program is an order. After this, you can ship your products to Amazon where the inventory will be carried out along with shipping to customers. This program is beneficial to retailers because of the fast shipping speeds of Amazon which is something consumers love.

Does Amazon Allow Dropshipping?

Dropshipping on Amazon is legal for retailers so long as a few conditions are met. The following are a few of them:

  • Record yourself as the seller of your goods and products;
  • Make yourself known as the seller of your goods on all packaging as well as including other information;
  • Take ownership of all products that are returned from customers or need processing;
  • Comply with the terms, conditions, and requirements of the seller agreement which includes the Amazon policy.

As much as there are things you can follow, there are definite paths to avoid when dealing with Dropshipping on Amazon. The following are versions of dropshipping to stay away from as they are not allowed on the platform:

  • Having another retailer sell goods to you, only for them to ship the products to customers themselves
  • Omitting your name from all packing slips and invoices and adding another when shipping

How Much Does Dropshipping Cost?

Dropshipping on Amazon requires you to register as a seller on the website, after which about a dollar is charged as an individual plan for every unit sold. The professional plan on the other hand charges about $40 irrespective of the number of units sold. Dropshipping fees on Amazon depend heavily on the type of goods you are selling and those with small profit margins have to be careful.

The Potential Benefits

It is possible to make a profit on Amazon via dropshipping. The average drop shipper sells its products at respectable margins upwards of 30%. From this, the platform will take close to 15% of your profits. If your margin is at the higher end, your net margin will be at least half of that. This is more than respectable when you consider the possible volume of sales.

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Average dropshipping comes with many benefits for retailers. You can also connect Amazon with one of the killer platforms that help dropship products directly to your customer. When Amazon gets thrown into the mix, these benefits are turned up to an eleven. The following are just a few of them:

1. Warehousing Has No Cost

Dropshipping on Amazon means that you will not pay for a warehouse. With the addition of Amazon’s FBA, sellers can decide to ship their goods with the site which has to keep them.

2. Amazon’s Nature

Being the global juggernaut that it is, Amazon holds the keys to a lot of major players in the supply chain. The site can buy goods from offshore suppliers, keep them in their warehouses and ship them off easily. Amazon will also take care of all customer interactions including returns.

Dropshipping Hacks for Amazon

If you decide to dropship on Amazon and go through the ensuing steps to get yourself established, you can then begin to take advantage of parts of it to make yourself more successful. The following will help with that:

1. Maximize Sales via Buy Box

The buy box is the point from which the majority of Amazon’s sales take place. Winning the Buy Box as a drop shipper is very important as it maximizes sales. However, as a beginner, you probably shouldn’t focus on it.

2. Reliance at the Site

Or in this case, a lack of dependence on Amazon. As a retailer, you must seek out other sales channels just as a way to get rid of some of the risks. Channels such as Shopify and eBay should be right behind Amazon as not only viable options but partners.

3. Keyword Searching

To have many potential customers visit your page, it is important to place keywords on search engines that will bring in the most hits. Optimizing your product page by using tools such as Merchant Words can go a long way in getting your page to go up the rankings.

4. Have a High Percentage Seller Rating

This will be integral when it comes to winning the buy box. Aside from that, a high seller rating will lead to more organic searches and a growth in customer endearment and loyalty. To improve your rates, you can provide users with a customer satisfaction survey. It’s a questionnaire that helps companies and startups understand their customer’s needs and pain points whether the products and services work well and where you can make improvements within the brand or team support.

Final Thoughts

Having channels like eBay and Shopify to dropship into, aid Amazon, although it can be a difficult and undesirable thing to do. However, the act can be achieved smoothly if done right, which comes if you understand how it works. Once that is achieved, you can reap the benefits including creating trust in your brand.

When it comes to dropshipping on Amazon, the risks that come with it are considerably outweighed by the possible benefits. For this reason, it is no surprise that it is increasingly becoming a way to grow your brand at a steady, but rapid rate. This can be done while not compromising, but strengthening brand loyalty, something that is quite impressive.

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