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5 Helpful Hobbies for B2B Content Creators

People who are responsible for creating marketing content have relatively different roles compared to the actual marketers in a B2B lead generation team. Content creators must constantly evoke in their minds the passion for seeing value in ordinary things, grasping the essence of complicated things, and sometimes even developing stories out of nothing.

Hence, they tend to have a lifestyle that’s more inclined into fluctuations of introspection and outwards expression. They need to sustain their thirst for ideas so they can translate them into quality content that can be useful to the business.

If you don’t want to lose that “thirst”, here are 5 hobbies you might want to engage with:

1. Be a news-junkie. You probably know someone who never fails to read the morning newspaper; otherwise his day would be unproductive. And the news they usually read don’t even necessarily relate to these people’s jobs — they just have that craving for news that they couldn’t function well without it. Imagine, as a content creator, if you have the same longing for reading news, especially ones that are industry-related. You’d have more insights to share, you’d learn other styles of writing, and you’d also keep your mind from being dull.

2. Be part of a network. Unless you’re an intellectual recluse like J.D. Salinger, you need to open up your world to people? who have the same nature of job as yours. It’s helpful to commune with other content creators, writers, bloggers and thought-leaders so you can share and gain insights at the same time. It could also release tension and relieve you from your job’s pressures.

3. Create your own curating style. Content marketers curate — and that’s a fact. You either live with it, or spend the rest of your career trying to come up with content pieces you think are 100% original when they’re most likely written about by someone else already. If you feel guilty about the concept of “stealing” someone else’s idea, you could create your own style of curation, so you could always maintain your “personal touch” even when writing about a borrowed idea.

4. Try being a critic. Content creators can sometimes be trapped within a comfort zone which prevents them from writing about things they don’t like or disagree with. However, if you channel that prejudice into something productive, you’d find that you actually have more to say than you think.

5. Write, write, and write. As with any other skill, writing must be honed, flexed and exercised, or else it may get rusty. Figure out what your threshold is in terms of how much you could write in a day, and integrate a “writing marathon” as a part of your routine.

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