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5 Important Things to Ask Your Customers

Too often the difference between your business moving at the speed of molasses versus the speed of light is failing to ask your customers certain questions that will make a big difference in your business.

Here are 5 important things all business owners should ask their customers.

  1. Ask for the BusinessThe number one mistake most business owners make is not asking for the business. It is not enough to educate, inform and entertain your prospect. You must set out with a clear goal in mind and the determination to get to that goal. When your meeting is over, be sure to ask for the business.
  2. Ask for TestimonialsA great way to attract more prospects to your business is through testimonials but many business owners fail to ask their current customers for a testimonial. When you are working with your customer invite them to provide you a written or video testimonial for you to use to attract others.
  3. Ask for ReferralsAnother way to grow your business is to ask for referrals. Chances are each of your customers know somebody who may need your services so why not ask them who you may be able to serve. Just remember to always follow up with a thank you gift for giving you the referral.
  4. Ask for FeedbackDon’t be afraid to ask for feedback. How can you improve your services unless you ask your customers for their feedback. The information you receive back will be invaluable to helping you strategize for the future and correcting any issues.
  5. Ask How Else You Can ServeCustomer acquisition can be a large expense so find ways to keep your customers for life. Ask them what other needs or challenges do they have and find solutions to serve those needs. Too many fail to continue on their relationships simply because they are unaware of other opportunities so make it a habit to ask your customers how you can help.

Growing you business is simpler when you know how to ask your customers the right questions. They will become your best sales force and happy to promote you to others if you are truly bringing them value. Asking doesn’t have to be complicated or scary and should be built into your normal day to day business practices. Make it a habit of asking these 5 important questions to your customers periodically and watch your business soar.

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