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5 Proven Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms


Each law firm in the US strives to have more clients than its rivals. To achieve this, they employ various tactics, including blogging for lawyers. It’s no doubt that law firms are all over the internet but the internet space is highly competitive. Thus, it’s a nosedive without a suitable advertising and marketing strategy.

This article looks at proven strategies that law firms can employ to stand out. Ideally, it is essential to have a framework that points out your law firm’s goals alongside the methods you will use to achieve them. That makes digital marketing a must-have solution for a law firm that wants to attract many clients.

Content Marketing For Lawyers: Develop a Flawless Strategy


Define your plan and strategy for content marketing. Beyond attracting and engaging visitors, you need to retain them. This will promote awareness, establishes expertise, and ultimately drive sales.

Thinking of publishing content? First, formulate a perfect plan. Here is a step-wise guide to flesh out powerful content marketing for lawyers.

  •         Set up your law firm’s goals: why are you creating content for lawyer websites? Is it to generate more sales, establish the authority, or boost traffic to the website? Decide your goal and set objectives. Quantify the targets to allow you to assess your success.
  •         Who is your audience? Define the segment of the population you want to attract, know their needs, likes, and dislikes to create appealing content. Create a persona for clients covering gender, income, age, and geographical location. Also, consider clients’ concerns.
  •         Investigate your rivals to determine the competition you will face in the process. Specifically, pay attention to their content type and the keywords.
  •         Determine what clients are searching on search engines. Find the relevant keywords for lawyers.  and their respective search volumes. Compare this information to the keywords clients are using to find your site.
  •         Come up with a strategy for using the information you’ve collected. This includes creating appealing content, deciding where to post the content, and determining methods you’ll use to promote it.
  •         Create unique content and schedule publishing. Also, promote it using channels like social media.

Sticking to objectives allows you to monitor the success of your strategy. Besides, you can modify the strategy based on what happens for the best results.

Use A Mobile-Ready Website


According to a 2020 report on mobile vs. desktop browsing, mobile device website visits accounted for 61% in 2020. This is a positive deviation from 57% in 2019. By contrast, Desktop visits were only  35.7% while 3.3% of visitors were from tablets in the US. This indicates that many people use their mobile devices to browse search engines.

So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out. A mobile-ready website displays appropriately on any handheld device resulting in a streamlined experience. Remember, Google uses a mobile-ready site as a ranking factor. Your rankings might improve if your site is mobile-friendly(aka responsive design). Other benefits include:

  1. Better user experience due to complete optimization
  2. Improved page load speeds
  3. Superior ranking signal since Google prioritizes mobile-optimized web pages
  4. More traffic than desktop 
  5. Better conversion rates due to increased visibility

Consumer behavior is shifting. The only way to take full advantage of this shift is to embrace a mobile-friendly website.

Blogging For Lawyers: Guest Blogging and Publications


The legal field is pretty broad, and therefore, you can create blogs and publish them on different web pages. You can be a guest blogger for other web pages, write blogs for your site or submit legal articles for publication.

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This approach demonstrates your proficiency in your practice area. The secrete in blogging for lawyers is concentrating on a niche. Create many helpful blogs to irrigate and nurture your notoriety. With time, you will be an industry master.

Establish Your Presence On Social Networks


Social media can be an authoritative marketing tool when well used. Did you know that most prospective customers are on social media? In 2021, about 223 million US citizens were on social networks, according to Statista.

At the very least, create a page on LinkedIn and Facebook and curate the profile to show what you offer. Ensure your Facebook account is active, making it relevant and, thus, very easy for your target clients to reach you. Note that Facebookis crucial for SEO and boosts credibility.

Create curated accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Quora for a broad client base. You can also create video explanations on YouTube and TikTok. A huge chunk of social media is free, but you can garner more if you hire marketing professionals with experience executing digital marketing strategies for law firms.

Such individuals will closely monitor, consistently rework and frequently update the information to ensure continuous reliability. You can find these tactics on real estate lawyer NYC web pages.

Answer Your Audience’s Questions


When prospects ask you questions, answer them professionally. A comprehensive answer will satisfy your audience, which builds their confidence in your work. Ensure that your answer is clear, relevant, and educational. In addition, the answer must not have an overly promotional tone or language.

Remember, answering questions from your prospective clients can increase your opportunity to appear on People Also Ask on Google or give you the topmost position on Google SERP.

Monitor Your Website Consistently


Constantly monitor the performance of your website, specifically, how visitors interact with the different aspects. Remember, every second can make or break a deal; therefore, finding the correct information is a realtime affair.

Close monitoring lets you tweak and optimize the entire law firm website as it offers critical business data alongside crucial insights. The data and insights can help you create better strategies and campaigns and associate better with the demographics.


It’s a no-brainer – you need spirited online marketing strategies to build and promote your brand. Consistency is a crucial driver of success. Therefore, set goals and dedicate yourself to achieving them via activities aligned to your digital marketing goals.

Since online marketing for lawyers is a work in progress, you will get varying results. Try different methods but primarily focus on the one that bears the best outcome. For example, you may look for practical ideas on law marketing when you look at how product liability lawyers NYC employ marketing methods to stay ahead of their competition.

About the author

Tim Absalikov is the Acting CEO of Lasting Trend, B2B search marketing agency. Tim is an expert in technical optimization. He has a deep understanding of SEO, SEM, UX and UI considerations, shopping campaigns, PLA, RLSA, dynamic retargeting, works with E-Commerce and Web Analytics.