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5 Reasons Why iPhone is a Better Option for Influencers

The way products used to be promoted is changing as social media makes takes over our lives more and more. Celebrity endorsements no longer do the job, because the public knows it’s all fake and for a million dollars more the celebrity would endorse a rival brand without second thoughts.

People now want real reviews by people they can relate to, unlike multi-millionaire celebrities which the public knows is just fugazy. This creates a genuine space for social media influencers to come in and market products or promote events or tourism and so on.

An influencer’s primary tool is his phone, for providing the best experience to their audience they need a superlative phone and what can be better than an iPhone when it comes to exceptional quality?

Why Do you Need an iPhone?

Besides from being the coolest phone in the market there are several reasons why it’s the most viable choice, especially for influencers.

1. Outstanding Camera

To grab attention and give a great look and feel, it is very important that an influencer uses clear videos and images. The quality of video plays a huge role in engaging the audience.

Now who out there doesn’t know that iPhone boast amazing cameras? Even if you go back to the iPhone 4s the picture and video quality is so superior that it can easily out do many phones of 2019.

Imagine how good the latest one must be! Here are some really helpful tips and tricks for iPhone cameras.

2. It Has Face-Time

Many android users frown up on the excitement iPhone users show when they tell they use FaceTime, why is it such a charm when Skype has been there since forever?

This is because Apple maintains its Face-time app itself, unlike the Android apps and Skype, it is not possible to Geo-restrict it. So wherever you are, you’ll have the confidence that you can use it no matter what.

Recently the president of Turkey, President Erdogan used FaceTime to publically broadcast his wish that the Turkish citizens head to the streets against the military coup. So if you’re in a country where situations are hunky dowry, FaceTime is your best friend.

3. Less App Restrictions Around the Globe

Apple users enjoy the availability of more apps around the globe than Android as Google Play has often had to remove many apps from their store to comply with governmental demands.

On the other hand Apple’s app store has much more content wherever you are in the world. Many of its apps work even in countries where they are restricted.

In fact Apple’s store offers more VPN services so you can unblock restricted content throughout world. So head to the store and get yourself a Best VPN for iPhone.

4. Strong Security System and User Confidentiality

Apple has also enjoyed a long time of malware free reputation, as it has one of the most reliable security system. However, the benefits of a VPN such as encryption and accessing Geo-restricted platforms can not be alternated with its built in operating system.

Apple has really strong policies when it comes to protecting their users data, one of the most famous examples is when Apple refused the FBI to unlock the phone of a criminal.

5. Support that Goes Beyond Expectations

Being an influencer means that you need your phone glued to you all the time, almost like an extra organ, recording and shooting whatever comes your way.

But in the event that you break your iPhone or some kind of vulnerability has struck it the Apple store extends impeccable support.

The support team fixes your phone in the least amount of time possible, usually a couple of hours rather than waiting days. If you need to replace your iPhone fast, there is no better option then the Apple store.

Wrapping up!

When it comes to smart phones, iPhone is definitely the king crowned or uncrowned but it’s the most superior device out there in terms of all aspects. Be it security, camera quality, performance or apps, Apple aces in all areas.

It is therefore a highly recommended device to have, with no weak points to ponder up on.

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