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5 Sales Techniques for Sure Shot Sales Success

The art of being simple in one’s approach

We all agree that the arena of selling is a tough one. In today’s day and age, everything is dynamic – from products to markets and most importantly, our customers. The need for solutions also keeps changing and differs across prospects. As such, it is very crucial that sales reps understand and set some of the most critical, yet basic sales techniques in place. As sales people, we have somehow attuned ourselves to complicated approaches to meeting our targets. However, the simplest techniques are ironically the hardest to follow. As they say, success sometimes always boil down to the simplest of things. So here they are:

1. Self-belief

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?”
~Henry Ford

If you look at most of the motivational speeches on achieving any kind of success, it all starts with firm self-belief. No matter how cliché it might sound, one cannot underestimate the results this powerful weapon brings with it. Our mind will function the way we ask it to function and the information we feed it with. If we keep presenting our mind with attitudes such as fear of rejection, failure and lack of confidence, it will start showing in the work that we do, proving us right! The most successful people in the world are those who have had immense self-belief, and who have changed their fate through it. Obstacles are a part of life and only those who can make the most out of the most difficult situations turn out stronger. So the first and the hardest feeling is to let go of all the negativity in one’s own mind and welcome the unknown with firm self-belief. Sales fits into this like all other challenges, where the rep needs to be passionate about the process and believe that they are here to provide meaningful solutions to people in need of them.

2. Listening

We all have been told about how important listening is one of the most important communication skills. More often than not, people in sales get into this whole habit of going on and on about themselves and their products, especially in the beginning of their careers, without really lending a patient ear to what their clients have to say. Prospects can get highly bummed with someone who tries to put words into their mouth, more so because they are hard pressed for time and deal with a lot of people trying to sell something to them every day. Listening is important as it helps reps understand clients and helps them navigate through the sales process, achieving higher chances of making a close. Close attention to what the prospect is saying can also help to know the probable objections which can be handled by asking the right questions at the right time.

3. Offering solutions

The biggest reason why anyone would buy from you is when you solve a problem for them or find a way to meet needs that matter to them. Sometimes, this could boil down to something as simple as helping someone save time or be able to do a daily chore in a simpler manner. The most common way that sales reps resort to while trying to close a deal is offering massive discounts. Most of the time, people care more about the value that products and services have to offer, rather than the price. The objective should be to understand what is it that is bothering a prospect and how can that be solved. Along with this, convincing prospects that you are going to be with them at every step of the sales cycle, and even beyond can go a long way. Testimonials are a great way to prove this.

4. Finding answers

Questions are a very important part of conversations as they help to gain deeper insights into problems and gain fresh perspectives. Questioning actually leads to innovation in a lot of cases, among a host of other benefits. But asking the right questions at the right time is also critical to gain the trust of the other party.This should definitely be incorporated in all conversations. Sales reps should do their homework before meeting prospects and understand what it is that they might be looking for. After attentive listening, once they are sure, they can add more value to their research by asking the right questions and offering corresponding solutions.

5. Adopting optimism as a part of life

One thing that sales is going to give everyone is failure. As per a research by Marketing Wisdom, a whopping 92% of sales people give up after four rejections. Facing rejections is common in a sales job, everyone knows that. But the way such failures are handled will determine whether the sales person will be successful or not. If you look around, the most successful sales people are those who have worked odd jobs, struggled with rejections, taken them as life lessons and consistently moved ahead. Getting bogged down by such realities and not taking it in positive stride can do a lot of harm. Optimism is key. Successful sales people are those who can learn from their mistakes. The key is to do away with rejection and keep following up and taking every failed experience as a learning.

Do you agree? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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