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5 Time Management Secrets Every Sales Person Must Know

When you are a sales person or business owner, you know time is money. The universal equalizer of all people on earth is time, there’s no way to get more of it. Therefore the more efficient you can become with your time, the more you will achieve, sell and ultimately grow your income.

Here of 5 time management secrets of millionaire and billionaire producers.


Our conscious minds can only truly focus and put maximum energy toward a single thought at any moment in time. We start to become increasingly unproductive the more we revisit something we have previously invested time focusing on. The average person loses one hour per day, scattered throughout the day, revisiting, readdressing and re-reading documents and emails. That is 250 hours in the average work year, or 6 Weeks of work.

Does this sound familiar? You get to the office, see a few emails and read the first couple of lines, decide they are going to take more time than you have right now. You start to work on a proposal due at the end of the day, then you are interrupted with a phone call and get pulled in a different direction for 15 minutes. Then you go back to your task then see another email come in, read a few sentences and push it off till later.

When you get an email or message, touch it once, take action and either delete or archive the email. Get it out of your inbox. Focus on having a Inbox Zero for your day. Use a gmail app that properly syncs your accounts and calendars. Unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions, if you have never read them, they are just taking away from your valuable focus.


Most people have a to do list of 25 things or more. It is overwhelming to the conscious mind and also negatively impactful on your psychology to never complete your list in a day.

When you have a long list and watch to feel productive, you will generally knock the easy stuff off to feel productive. You end up not doing the most important things because they are the hardest and most time consuming of 25 potential tasks.

Trim your list down to 6 items per day. This is a very manageable number for the mind and also creates a huge psychological boost when all 6 are completed and the list is knocked out within the day. In studies this is shown to boost productivity and satisfaction each day. Many people commented that they felt more energy to go above and beyond with a 7th task on some days.

Create your list the night before for maximum impact!


Determine what amount of time you will realistically need to a dedicate to each task. This is a very important step to make sure it is possible to complete all 6. If one of the tasks would take too long then decide how much time during that day you will put toward moving that task forward. Allow your mind to absorb your expectations and set you up for success.


You should expect to plan for about 6 hours to complete your 6 tasks. This will leave a couple of hours for email correspondence and general communication. Time block your day with a block for each task. Get into the habit of sharing the two hour blocks in the day that you are open to take calls and have people who report to your come to you for questions (you will get a lot less questions that way as people work out their own answers to the easy ones.)


Plan to do the hardest things first. You have the most will power first thing in the morning. Plan to do your hardest task and experience the emotional momentum of completing it first thing in the morning, putting it off can be draining. 20% of tasks get 80% of your results, generally these harder tasks are the ones that create the results.


Ask yourself as you go through your day and create files and paperwork. ‘Can I throw this away?’, ‘Will it hurt me to delete this file?’ More often that not you will never look at your emails and files again. Get in the habit of throwing out unnecessary information and stop it from cluttering your mind.

About the author

Rick Middlemass has almost a decade of experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Development & Sales.

Rick began his sales and entrepreneurial career at 18 opening up a new territory for Student Painters creating over 100K in new business over the next 3 years. Rick also worked in various sales & marketing roles & internships throughout his time at Michigan State University.

In his first role out of school Rick joined NuWave Technology, a Cisco Systems Premier Partner in Michigan, and quickly worked his way up to be:

2014 Sales Person of the Year
2015 Sales Person of the Year
16 Time Sales Person of the Month

Rick Middlemass now works with the National Association of Sales Professionals helping salespeople and sales leaders reach their true potential and continue to grow through our behavioral conditioning programs.