The problem in today's society is most people are not aware of their attitude and possess little discipline. They tend to reward themselves without cause. If you associate recognition and reward with behavior whether it is appropriate or inappropriate, it usually is repeated. By combining attitude and discipline, you acquire an attitude of discipline equal to a 200% increase in your overall performance.

There are two skills that separate successful sales professionals and businesses from all the others. They are a great attitude and taking ownership of the customer's problems, needs, and wants. Always deliver more than the customer expects and more than you promised.

Whenever you're in fear (any kind of fear - financial, emotional, professional, etc.), all you have to do is make a list of 25 things you're grateful for. And when you can help enough people accomplish their goals, you'll always exceed yours. So the next time you're struggling or just not feeling it, think about some of the things you may be grateful for.

Selling in today's economy requires a strong foundation in order to succeed. Your attitude, which stems from your individual beliefs, is the foundation for productivity and sales. Go after the sales results you desire. It is inevitable that with the right attitude success is just around the corner.

Can you feel it? The signs of the economic recovery are everywhere. What's so interesting to me is that many of the sales reps and companies I speak with are still mired in the old, "bad news" and they seem intent on wallowing in it. Attitude is everything in sales.The best way to pass along your positive attitude to the prospects and clients you speak with is to have what I call an "Economic Recovery Script."

Your thoughts lead to your actions, and it is your actions that determine your results. But everything starts by your mental attitude, by what you dwell on all day long.

We've all heard the numbers: Consumer confidence is down, retail sales are down. And for many of us, the markets we serve are down, as well. There is an important relationship to note here. Confidence - an attitude - is down, so sales are down. When confidence is up, sales follow. The principle at work here is this: Our actions follow our attitudes.

Selling something is one, but to how to sell anything, to anybody ,anywhere ,at any price is another. When it comes to how to sell, our personal goals keep us focused, disciplined and motivated. However, when it comes how to sell to the market place, our behavior for results has to be targeted.

Stress, it turns out, is actually detrimental to good performance. People who work less hours are actually more productive, make less mistakes, and are generally thought of higher than those stressed out workers who are grumbling under their breaths about not having enough time for themselves. Here's how to ensure that you take the vacations you need, get the benefits from them, and enjoy your life more.

Sales is part science and part arts. The working of the sales processes and the cause and effect relationship in consumer behavior are areas that can benefit from a scientific treatment. But selling is an art, and success in selling depends on the individual salesman. Superb selling skills can make an average product look great. A charismatic salesman can convert even the most reluctant person into a happy buyer of his products. As the oft repeated cliché in selling goes -- "a top sales person can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo." Sales success lies in the ability to pay attention to the small things. It's about brushing up the basics. It's about utilizing all your abilities to the optimum level. Sales success will be definitely yours if you work enthusiastically.