The good news is that recession has bottomed out and the economy is on an upward trajectory of revival. But tough times are not yet over and it won't be in a short time. The storm might have gone, but we have to work through the wreckage it has left on its trail. That would take some time. As a sales person you need to sharpen all your skills to perfection. Your physical and mental fitness, listening skills, speaking powers, persuasive abilities, tact in handling objections, product knowledge, and preparedness with facts and figures should all be perfect or near perfection. Like a champion you can do no wrong when it comes to your job. Victory will definitely be yours.

Direct Selling

The High-heeled Approach

We typically start each year full of hopes and dreams to make each year better than the last. Moving forward and making consistent progress demands relentless focus. Regardless of where you are at the moment, remember who you A.R.E! Develop strategies to help you quickly rebound when life deals you disappointments. These strategies will ultimately define whether you are delighted or discouraged with your progress toward your goals over time.This is especially true in direct sales or in entrepreneurship where your results are up to you. The good news is that it is all up to you.

The sales profession is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work. Virtually, the sky is the limit in earning potential in sales. So it's obvious that such a profession would require a disciplined and professional approach. A casual and halfhearted approach would only result in lost opportunities and revenues in this field. Optimism and stick-to-itiveness are the traits of professional sales people. Professionalism in sales involves paying attention to the details. That's where ordinary sales people falter and professional sales people excel.

The Spirit of Service

What Is Lost if Salespeople Don't Have It?

Every retail employee must realize how much their attitude will add to or take away from the customer's total experience. More importantly, their attitude can determine how the customer chooses to tell others about their shopping event. A spirit of service is nothing more than an attitude that communicates the desire to make a difference in the life of each customer the salesperson meets.