Widespread use of computer-mediated communication actually requires more frequent face-to-face encounters, and extensive deep, robust, social infrastructures of relationships must exist so that those using the electronic media will truly understand what others are communicating to them. In other words, even in this high-tech world characterized by voice mail, e-commerce and instant messaging, face-to-face relationships are necessary.

Social media is best used to build relationships. You answer the ideal customer's specific problem or tickle that one person's sense of humor and you'll find that others will enjoy the benefit and come to know you as an expert in that area.

When we allow a sale to occur too quickly, we wind up leaving money on the table. By asking exploratory questions early, you are able to assess which additional products may interest the customer. Building a solid relationship instead of going for the quick close just makes good sense when you are striving to build a long-term sales career.