Meet Success in the Middle

Are you focusing on the wrong people to drive success?

Sales Management and Effectiveness teams often focus on the top or bottom performers. They ignore about 60% or more of the people driving revenue. Here are 6 ideas to coach and obtain incremental success from 60% of your revenue force.

Learning is a crucial cornerstone in goal attainment. Uncover ways and a vision of incorporating learning into the goal setting and achievement journey.

I am convinced that the process of continuously improving -- not only professionally in the core competencies of a professional sales person, but also personally as well -- is the ultimate success skill for our time. Learning without action is impotent. Knowledge that doesn't result in changed action is of little value.

If we choose to, we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. Within every failure there is the seed of a lesson well learned, of a solid character trait emerging. It is our failures that contribute most intensely to our development.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use each call to "learn" something about the customer and to "teach" them something about the business. When we take the time to both "learn" and "teach" the customer something, then we have earned the right to "sell" them. This is a consultative selling approach.