Sales meetings can be stressful for everyone involved. Furthermore, there are a lot of managers that do not know how to run a successful sales meeting. With so many numbers and stats to review, it can be difficult to stay on track. Here are some tips to successfully prepare for a sales meeting that will motivate your team and prime them for success.

Nobody likes long meetings that have no point and no direction. These tips will help you manage and run an effective meeting.

The person answering the telephone and talking with the customer or prospect plays a major rule in determining the success of the organization. They must accept responsibility for providing timely customer service in a courteous business manner. If you do not close the sale over the telephone, further the sale by making an appointment to meet with them. Give them choices.

Your customer's lack of time is a relatively recent phenomenon. It wasn't much of an issue a few years ago, but it has become universal and growing in intensity day by day. Today, not only must the product or service bring value to the customer, but the time you spend with the customer must also be of value to him or her. He/she must see a reason for spending time with you - a payback for his investment of time.

Many sales meetings are unproductive and not nearly as effective as they could be. "What's In It For Me?" When your meetings address this concern, attendance and active participation will increase, as will the buy-in for any necessary changes.

Pre-Call Touch

A creative way to make prospecting appointments

You have created a list of 20 highly qualified prospects. You've researched them, and you know that these 20 people hold your prosperity in their hands. But they don't know you, have never spoken to you, and aren't inclined to drop everything and see you. How do you get to see them? Break out of the box and think about what you could deliver that would catch the prospect's attention, say something about you, and make him more likely to take your call.

You have gotten to know the two gatekeepers who have been up to now blocking your way to the CEO. The degree to which you prepare will directly impact the success of your meeting. Don't delay in your preparation. Invest the effort and time now so you can experience the valuable dividends later.