Last, week, I wrote about the three main avenues to permanent change, discussing the impact of peers as an example. [...]

There are three primary avenues to create lasting change in your life. There's the ol' tried and true method of it occurring from a moment of Crises (which is common, and never any fun), there is change that occurs from the presence (read: Influence) and pressure (read: Influence) that comes from one's peers and then there is change that comes from conditioning. Conditioning meaning by making [...]

Chris's Notebook: [...]

One of the big challenges we face when trying to transform our lives is that it's contrary to our nature.  We're wired to operate from the status quo - our biological systems are design to sustain a certain level of normalcy, whatever the hell that is for you. [...]

Gratitude. One of the things I struggle with mastering. It should be something as natural as breathing, and for some I'm sure it is. For me, it has to be learned and consciously focused on until it becomes a habit. Of all the things a person could be addicted to, Gratitude would be one fine addiction! [...]