What should managers be doing to coach the sales people who need it? What are the things that can be coached on that can change productivity substantially?

The way I would describe the CPSP program is this: "It's a 45-Day Journey towards your professional best." Vision... Belief... Habits... These three things are at the core of a very unusual, emotionally intense and profoundly effective program. The CPSP program has but one objective: To guide you into successfully re-wiring your brain on: who you are, who you are being and who you are becoming. What's amazing is that this re-wiring, this re-booting- over 45 day --seems subtle. Subtle...if you think nuclear bombs are subtle, then well yeah...

Many people are still saddled with antiquated MLM sales training and ideas of how the old multi-level companies were run in the 60's and 70's. Remember that we are already in the new millennium, people.

Stop Selling!

Learn How To Ask For Sales Referrals

Sales professionals work too hard. Stop selling! Let your customers sell for you through sales referrals. But first you need to learn how and when to ask. With a referral, there is instant trust and your selling cycle time is reduced. The time it takes the referral to buy is usually much less than any other lead source. What this really means is less hassle and more sales.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. -Tolstoy In any economy, learning to close the deal is a challenge for your workforce. Especially in these tough times, sales and marketing training can make the difference for your staff. Mastery of negotiation skills is a profound education.

A kung Fu master trains his disciples about the rigors involved in learning the intricacies of movements of the martial art form. Every Samurai warrior has a master. Business sales training prepares rookies in sales to learn the tricks of the trade. They benefit from the expertise of a sales guru's motivational sales training. Sales management training imparted by sales management consultants may target the sales process adopted by a business or its entire sales force for performance enhancement.

Off-the-shelf programs are fine for off-the-shelf problems, but 99% of the time, the sales training needs are unique to your company, your industry and your people. It is important to ensure you have a culture and a management group that will embrace the sales training program and will work to reinforce its outcomes.

Let's face it, people buy from people, particularly people they trust and like ' people who remind them of themselves. This is the foundation of a relationship. Therefore it is important for you, as a sales professional, to learn how to quickly build rapport and gain that trust.