A sales team needs to be properly equipped so you can feel confident that you are harvesting the best opportunities to ensure sales success. Don't risk missing opportunities by stopping at only going for "low hanging fruit." You'll need to harvest from the whole tree -- and for that, you need the right tools.

If you're bored by your PowerPoint presentations, your prospects are probably bored, too. Check out these ideas and technologies for improving your presentations and making them more compelling.

Using a visual presentation is a valuable tool to enhance understanding and retention,but should I leave my presentation with the prospect after the meeting is finished? As you might expect there is no simple, clear-cut answer. There are a number of factors you need to consider.

When you speak with prospects on the phone, they can't tell how you're dressed or what you look like. All they have to go on is your tone of voice and the actual words you're saying. And that means that tone of voice during a cold call is at least as important as body language is during a sales presentation

The sales presentation can take a variety of forms. If you demonstrate a product, for example, that is a sales presentation. If you use a hard-copy brochure or a CD Rom presentation on your lap-top, that is a sales presentation. If you deliver and detail a sample, that is a sales presentation. If you respond to the customer's request, and provide a price, deliver a proposal, or submit a bid, each of these are sales presentations.

Each product or service has features and benefits. Benefits are derived from the features, yet benefits prove to be a better assistance in selling.

Selling successfully requires that you make your prospects comfortable with you. Fear is one of the biggest impediments to any sale, so if you can relax the prospect you're much more likely to convince him to make the big choice and buy from you. So it follows that choosing the right words during your sales presentation can make a big difference in how well it goes. [...]

If you want to know how to sell to a prospect, you need to first know how to ask them the right questions.

A prospect's body language will tell you a great deal about how she is reacting to your sales presentation.

Yet more tips and advice on how to give a strong presentation, whether it's for a prospect or for your boss.