The strengths of sales introverts allow introverts to make in-roads where many of the best traditional salespeople can't often break through. And they do it with far less effort, time, stress and cost.

7 Can't Miss Ways to Reach a CEO

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Selling to CEOs may seem daunting, especially if you don't have a strategy to break through gatekeeper screening. Here are seven can't-miss strategies for reaching a CEO and supercharging your sales and business-development efforts.

Do you know customers that have been in the same job since time began? Or that have the same lunch every day? Or lived in the same house for decades? In sales psychology terms we call them 'sameness' people. They simply don't like change, certainly not in the contexts mentioned. Then again you may know customers who revel in change - at work, possibly at home, again it can depend on the context. We call these 'difference' people. There is no right or wrong - but if you can identify these particular characteristics in your customers, increasing sales is easy!

Despite the onslaught of social media and on line networking, 'real life' networking is still a crucial element of many companies' sales and marketing strategies. Rightly so. There are massive benefits to be had from attending networking events. Providing you do it well.

Everyone expects a salesperson to fit the high energy, fast talking, in-your-face stereotype. Many qualified people shy away from sales as a career because they are not perceived as a "people person." But, being more comfortable listening than speaking can be as much of a benefit as the gift of gab. If just the idea of initiating a conversation makes you feel queasy and start to sweat, these tips are for you.

Evolution is a natural occurrence that applies to every aspect of our lives, including sales. Even though selling is more challenging and difficult now there are many advantages for sales people in today's environment. Embrace the challenges of change.

Nothing is more frustrating than picking up the phone saying, "Hi, here I am ready to buy," and having some rep go into a story bragging about how great the company is and all that they can do. That comes off as pure arrogance to a business owner. Use the KISS test when you're selling. Always ask yourself if what you're doing is actually necessary.

Many blog marketeers have an inherent interest in positioning blogs as the second coming, as the only marketing required in your mix, as all you need to succeed in selling your products, services, or indeed anything that you want to sell.

If you love sales and you believe in the product or service you are selling, then you should do every thing you can to get your product or service in the hands of the people it will benefit the most. Or are you there just to pass the time of day? Are you afraid to ask questions that will uncover their needs and then provide them with your product or service as the solution? Which salesperson are you?

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