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9 Sweet Tricks for Creating Catchy and Unique Dropshipping Brand Names

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a regular customer, we all know a perfect brand name when we see one.

Names like Tinder, Tesla, and Amazon aren’t just exciting and refreshing; their unique, catchy, and brandable nature is so intoxicating that customers don’t even think twice about recommending them to their friends and family.

Every entrepreneur’s mission when starting their dropshipping business is to create catchy and unique company name ideas. Some entrepreneurs succeed in finding one, but many end up with weak brand names.

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And just in case you’re in the quest for a great name, here are some valuable tips that’d help you create colorful, catchy, and unique brand names for your business.

  • Focus on Short and Intriguing Words

Unique brand names are short, easy to say, memorable, and intriguing. And with how our lives and everyday businesses are converging online, you can be sure that using a catchy brand name will make your business easy to find online.

Today, modern companies are doing their best to shorten their brand names to at most two words. Brands like Dunkin Donuts became Dunkin Quantum Computer Services was rebranded to AOL, and Sony used to be called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. 

  • Use Rhymes

Using rhymes is a great way to come up with a unique drop-shipping brand name. Brand names that rhyme are often catchy, melodic, and memorable. They also serve as a great way to communicate your brand’s positive brand identity and set a great tone. Using words that rhyme would give your brand a fun, youthful, and modern feel. is a great tool to help you find other words that rhyme with your brand’s name. Names like GrubHub, Mars Cars, World of Warcraft, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kreme. 

  • Combine Prefixes and Suffixes

Let’s say you’ve already found a generic root word that embodies the core attributes of your business, one way to transform it into a unique brand name is to attach a great-sounding prefix or suffix.

You can choose to use prefixes like: ‘my,’ ‘we,’ ‘meta,’ and ‘you,’ or suffixes like ‘house,’ ‘now,’ ‘central,’ and ‘street.’ Also, feel free to use adjectives like ‘smart,’ ‘micro,’ and ‘best,’ or foreign words like ‘mono,’ ‘Ubi (when),’ ‘bis(twice),’ ‘io (I in Italian),’ or ‘pax (peace).’ 

Brand names like Grammarly, Spotify, Shopify, WeWork, BestBuy, and Onesies are unique and intriguing names that were generated with prefixes and suffixes. 

  • Metaphorical Names

Using metaphors is another reliable way to build an engaging brand name. Brands like Amazon, Apple, Nike, and Red Bull, are successful examples of metaphoric brand names. 

The best way to choose a metaphoric business name is to find a word that symbolizes your company’s values. Metaphoric names give your audience an idea of what to expect from your brand and the role you intend to fulfill in their lives. 

Remember that metaphoric names have layered meanings connecting a business, product, and user. 

Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, Bulls are fiercely competitive, the Amazon forest and river in South America play a critical role in the earth’s ecosystem, and an Apple is almost always an integral part of our daily lives. 

  • Use Descriptive Words to Communicate Purpose

Just like metaphoric names, using a descriptive name would help you paint a clear picture of your dropshipping brand and the products and services it offers.  

Descriptive names like Beyond Meat, WeWorks, BestBuy, Whole Foods, Toys ‘R’ Us, and General Motors do an excellent job of communicating the core goals of their business. 

But when using a descriptive word, do your best to come up with a creative spin because using generic descriptive words are often dull. 

  • Embrace Funny and Jokeful Words

Using funny names for your business is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Humorous names come with a small dose of risk since some people may perceive them as unprofessional and childish. So, ensure you aren’t overdoing it. Some great examples of funny brand names are Tequila Mockingbird and Big Ass Fans. 

  • Try Misspelling a Word

Misspelled brand names are popular because most customers see brands with misspelled brand names as cool and modern. 

But before choosing this type of name, understand that you’d need to pay special attention to establishing your brand’s image so that customers won’t make mistakes when spelling or pronouncing your brand’s name. 

Some great examples of misspelled brand names are Google, Flickr, UNKNWN, Fiverr, Reddit, Digg, and Tumblr. 

  • Embrace Foreign Words 

When creating an excellent brand name, most drop-shippers tend to forget that some foreign words make great business names in English. Foreign words have given rise to catchy and memorable brand names like Zappos, Volkswagen, Aramco, and Lego.  

  • Get the Best of Every World With Acronyms

Acronyms are a stylish way to get the best of many worlds. With an acronym, you get a short and intriguing name while keeping your original meaning and also getting an opportunity to rebrand your identity to whatever you want.

Some of our favorite acronym-based company names are Slack, which is short for ‘Searchable Log of All Conversion and Knowledge,’ and YAHOO, which means ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.’ Other great acronym-based business names include IBM, UPS, HP, BP, and BMW.

Finding the best brand for your dropshipping store is a great challenge that must be executed skillfully, and we’re confident that these nine sweet tricks we unveiled here will help you find the perfect name for your business.

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