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A Career in B2C Sales

It seems that B2B (Business to Business) sales gets all the attention and B2C (Business to Consumer) gets left out in the cold.


Could it be that B2C sales professionals are still considered to be like door-to-door encyclopedia sales people? Or could B2C be too closely associated with those annoying telemarketers and their uncanny ability to call you the second you sit down for dinner?

Both are probably valid reasons and both are very, very wrong.

The Truth About B2C Sales Careers

B2C is at the very heart of the sales profession. Selling direct to consumers as opposed to selling to a business, demands the same level and implementation of sales skills, the same dedication to customer service and comes complete with the same demands for activity. The B2C sales industry is not filled with poorly dressed, cigar smoking, “have I got a deal for you” sales sharks. When you realize that some of the top paying sales positions are, in fact, B2C sales positions, your attitude towards B2C sales may change drastically.

Financial Services

Call them what you’d like, but those who sell in the Financial Services industry are, more often than not, B2C sales professionals. While several Financial Services professionals sell to both businesses and direct to consumers, more often than not their focus (and majority of their income) comes from providing financial services, advice or products to their clients.

This is a tough field that has more who failed in its ranks (including the author of this article) than those who succeed. But if you are up to the challenge, have a passion for the markets and have strong rapport skills, this may be an outstanding and rewarding career path for you to consider.

Insurance Sales

Much like the Financial Services sales industry, the Insurance industry is filled with highly compensated, dedicated B2C sales professionals. Those who make it selling insurance enjoy all the wonderful things that attracts so many to the field of sales: Untapped income potential, autonomy, opportunities to win trips, rewards and prizes and the fulfillment often associated with truly making a positive difference in the lives of their clients.

Retail Sales

Retail sales is a very, very broad sales industry. To make it simple, Retail sales is anyone who serves and sells to customers in a retail environment.( I include Auto Sales Professionals in this category though some may disagree.)

Those in retail sales may not be among the top earners in the sales industry but can earn a substantial income. The most envious part of retail sales positions is that they often have a endless supply of chances to work on, and improve their sales skills. If employed in a busy retail store, they will have a steady stream of potential customers walking in their store’s front door.

A Final Word

The world of B2C sales is expansive and covers a million different industries. If you are looking for a sales job, do yourself a favor and do not cross B2C sales off your list!

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