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A little about myself and what is important to me

Hello my name is Shawna Bowman and I am excited to introduce myself and be part of NASP on this journey of taking Sales professionals to the next level! My part in the company is to grow the Sales Coaching Center and help Individuals utilize our online community and the different benefits NASP has to offer. My goal with NASP is to grow the online community and help make it become the largest online company in the world for Sales Professionals. With social media being such a big deal in today’s world and the most efficient way people are communicating, I know NASP will become #1 with this great team and being part of that success is an amazing opportunity for me!

With my past experience of 8 years in the Insurance Industry, helping business owners and families with protection of their financial future, I know this will prove to be useful working with sales professionals to help them attain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and value their communities and the world. NASP is a perfect fit for me because I take pride in listening closely to the needs of my clients and providing them with an integrated solution that is right for their particular needs.

Whether it’s keeping up on trends with sales techniques, understanding your seller style, or learning which sales culture will best support your opportunity for success, I can handle just about any need a person has, either on my own or with the help of one of my teammates. I look forward to working with Sales professionals all around the world that want to expand and grow their career and earnings.

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