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A Path to Unstoppable

Desperation is a Spirtual Gift

Being Unstoppable

We’ve come to understand that desperation is a spiritual gift. It doesn’t feel so long ago. The pain of no way out. The shame of working our hardest and producing no real results. The money conversations that seemed a joke because there was no money. And the gut wrenching despair when we realized the most rational thing for us to do was to give up.

Like many people, we had a dream

For us, it was owning our own business. We wanted to be free to do the work we loved, to make our own schedule and to have the peace that comes with being financially secure. So we began. We quickly realized that selling wasn’t one of our natural skills. Month after month we struggled to pay our bills, borrowing money from our relatives and our credit cards until there was no more. Feeling like failures, we contemplated looking for jobs. For us, that equaled defeat and the end of our dream.

It was out of this desperation that we started asking for help

Our answers came from a series of conversations with ‘teachers’ who were leading successful lives — both spiritually and financially. They shared stories of what worked for them. Bob talked about the power of making a decision. Ralph helped us believe in ourselves. Carol said if we changed our thoughts we would change our life. We learned what was stopping us. It was both surprising and liberating.
*What we believed about ourselves was stopping us.
*What we believed about our product was stopping us.
*What we believed about scarcity and abundance was stopping us.
*What we believed about selling was stopping us.

What we learned set us on a path filled with more joy and more wealth. What we learned set us on a path to unstoppable.

A Path to Unstoppable

What gives us faith and optimism is knowing what actions to take and from seeing positive results. Being unstoppable is being in alignment with the principles that make our lives work. It is energy giving, not energy draining. The path to unstoppable is doing what is in our control and not trying to control others. It’s a journey of learning, growing and giving. Unstoppable Selling™ is a way to have our dreams.

Here’s what we’ve come to understand:

  • Selling is all about energy. Our energy either attracts or repels others to us.
  • Our intentions direct our actions. Are we there to give or to get?
  • Telling the truth is our most powerful selling technique.
  • Selling is about doing things that are in our control not about trying to get somebody to do something they may or may not want to do.
  • Understanding our beliefs and doing the work to shift them will unleash our potential, change our actions and ultimately our results.
  • What we believe about ourselves, about the world, about money and about selling is directly linked to our annual sales figures.
  • Taking action is vital. Doing the things we are afraid of gives us power.

We know it is working when we are no longer stopped. We know it is working when our attachment to struggle is gone. We are on the path to unstoppable when we start feeling free and having fun.

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