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Are the Ingrained Perceptions of Your Solution Slowing You Down?

Things to consider before your next outreach. How is your solution viewed by your prospects?

Trouble being heard? Is the solution you’re offering a “disruptor” but you feel stereotyped by your predecessors who got it wrong? You did build a better mousetrap and now there are no mice. If you feel the things that make your value proposition unique gets lost in translation and that you’re running up-hill, keep reading.

Sometimes we fall so deeply in-love with what we bring to the table we forget to factor in the perception of our solution while trying to grab the attention of our audience. They know what they know because that’s only what they know; it’s not their fault.

Overcoming incorrect ingrained perceptions that devalue your solution.

For my company, Devsu, who specializes in building mobile, web and other complex digital applications for creative agencies or augmenting teams through our Team As A Service model, referrals are everything.

Why? Because no one knows we’re not a start-up and have been technical thought-leaders for Fortune 100 companies for 8 years. When it comes to outsourcing your development, mistakes can be costly. There’s simply too much at stake. Fresh eyes have no idea of the types of projects we’ve worked on and where our proficiencies lie.

My audience doesn’t know why we’re different. They only know what they know. “Oh, you’re a dev shop”.

Often, with development companies, there’s a tendency to visualize a room full of hundreds of developers vehemently coding in a timezone far different from their own with little loyalty or an understanding of their businesses needs. Let’s not forget about the feared language barrier. “The whole thing sounds like a fly-in-my-ointment and I’d rather go with what I know.”

If you understood that we continually invest in our teams’ education, that they operated in your timezone, were bilingual & worked on teams with their peers who’ve they’ve worked beside for years, increasing the overall strength of the heard, the perception of the value they could deliver becomes very different. The reality of today’s marketplace is that if you’re not working with global teams, you put yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

Ask yourself, what are the perceptions of my solution to the world?

So sit down, think, be smart and strategic. The age-old antiage of throwing “stuff” on the wall to see what sticks is no longer how things are done. Focus regularly on being a thought-leader factoring in the perceived mindset of the world which you choose to play while adapting to current trends.

Recognize that if what you sell is attached to the core of a company’s business model then it will require more strategy to generate interest in what you have to say. Decisions for solutions that will impact a company’s core require great scrutiny. It cannot be hard-sold and you will have to come with references.

If you don’t address some of the realities of what you’re truly up against in your world there’s going to be a lot of head-banging.

Perhaps this resonates with you? With all the creativity and innovation I see in the marketplace better mouse-traps are being built daily. Your solution likely can produce a different result than your competitions where you feel you’re not even on the same playing field. Just don’t forget that in order for your audience to see-the-light you’ll first have to address & overcome the perception of the past.

If you’re working for a company who’s an industry leader and your brand recognition and reputation get you in the door, congratulations- lucky you! If that’s not the case, raising your awareness to the realities of where you fall in your industry and leveraging the nuisances that are unique to your world is the only game in town…

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