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B2B Marketing Blogs You Must Bookmark Today

Blogs to stay updated with prevailing marketing information and trends.

E-Commerce Marketing Blogs You Must Bookmark Today

Almost all the industries, even in this fast-paced world, develop and move with a moderate rate. Allowing time for scholars to write a book or magazines to keep the industry players updated with the latest techniques, strategies, and brand-new developments.

Digital industry, on the other hand, is positively different from the rest. With new platforms being launched almost every day to google updating its algorithms frequently, from changes happening in the social world to the launch of innovative tools, this industry has been on the upswing with dynamic trends to follow. The best way to keep up with the always changing trends is to stay updated with the latest information through news or industry blogs.

But is subscribing to a lot of blog channels making your inbox stuffed with a little too many e-mails? With only a few minutes available in the day, it is impossible to even skim through all those. You would want to invest your time with only those that are relevant to you. Diving in one article after another could be extremely frustrating, especially if you are coming up with the corresponding information over and over again.
Without a doubt, self-education through excellent quality blogs can keep you ahead of the game. With millions of digital blogs to choose from, below are some of the best and juicy blog sites, designed for an easy and quick read. Apart from having engaging Twitter feeds, it also offers newsletter subscriptions. To be a well-balanced marketing professional, it is vital to stay up to date with the most current prevailing information and trends. Get ready to pick and start your daily dose of marketing reading with the below-mentioned platforms.

Marketing Land

This platform features and manifests all the latest and contemporary information about the digital marketing industry. The content present on this website spans from important announcements of top-notch businesses to the informative blogs based on How-To agenda.

Marketing Land is exceptionally experienced in publishing a significant amount of relevant and enlightening content on a periodic basis; it is considered to be the one-stop destination for the sake of walking alongside the digital marketing world. With this platform, you can expect to get firsthand knowledge on all the industry trends. They tend to post more informative content than step-by-step guides.

As a product of their extreme reach, you will be able to find a lot of content from various industry leaders. If you are looking for the industry insights, this is bound to be the ultimate destination for you.


Digiday is not just merely a publication website, but it is considered to be the mandarin of the digital marketing industry. They have successfully established a benefiting community to assist professionals in growth. Apart from all informative talk, it also posts relevant jobs offerings, awards, and even events. Their entire staff is comprised of millennials based in New York City, Tokyo, and London, offering a variety of fresh outlook and knowledge. It is why Digiday is said to be the coolest kid on the block.
With the help of stunning and friendly user interface, it is perfect to go site for everyone who craves marketing knowledge. They also offer newsletter services, delivering top stories directly to your inbox every day. They incorporate easy to understand information and efficiently deliver it in a fun manner, making it easy to read even two minutes before the meeting.

Content Marketing Institute

Said to be the fastest growing channel in the world of digital marketing, content marketing is accredited with the reputation of the ideal resource to extract the most relevant industry information from. The platform offers an endless array of information stuffed articles based on the latest market research, vibrant changes to the industry and innovations. The platform is engrossed in publishing important studies, benchmarks, and data that is extremely beneficial to the businesses. Moreover, they also deliver their audience with a fair share of step by step “How to” tutorials, aimed at elevating the business growth and improving the end results.

If content marketing is what you apply to market the products or services, the Content Marketing Institute can be the best place to get all the required advice and information about the industry and its events.


If you are new to the digital marketing industry, then you might, like million others, feel a bit scared of the technical SEO. It is one of the modern industry essential tools that no business can survive without, at least not anymore. Whether you wish to learn this new aspect of marketing or not, it effective tool always ensures your business get noticed by the potential customers. This is where MOZ comes to play.

It is a marketing analytics software company based in Seattle. They have gathered a decent amount of SEO resources on their platform with all the necessary, contemporary, and easy to understand as well as apply information. These articles help immensely in understanding SEO in a totally non-scary way.

They have a great deal of knowledge written by SEO experts. They also offer MozBar; this is the most famous tool that almost everyone knows of if you didn’t then thank us later. It is a free SEO toolbar that delivers a pool of SEO related data from practically any website.

Convince and Convert

As the name suggests, this platform that blends conversion optimization perfectly well with the content marketing to assist you in how to write and where to post your content to achieves desired results reach the specific marketing goals.

This platform is filled with topics like optimization, marketing funnel development, influencer marketing, guest blogging, social media branding, and much more. In contrast with all the platforms that are using creative side to create informative content about the industry, Convince and Convert always takes up on the analytical approach and perspective, devising material focused specifically to achieve specific ROI objectives.

The Drum

Before directly diving into the gritty details of the drum, you should understand that they use separate URL for different regions like the Americas, Europe, and Asia with content specified for that region. This curated geographical content is beneficial when a marketer goes in to search the tested and applicable techniques and strategies that would result in benefiting outcomes. With this unique feature, The Drum label themselves as the home of global media, marketing, and advertising.

This platform has created the image of the most reliable portal to get cutting-edge marketing and media news, but their services do not stop there. In addition to their quality five-star content, they also host events, publish monthly magazines, and also offers comprehensive content marketing solutions. In short, their team knows very well what they are doing and how to ace what they claim to do.

B2B Websites:

Another way to keep updated with all the latest happenings and important information of the industry is to subscribe for B2B websites newsletter or magazines. The niche of their business keeps them always on tips to gather all the possible material, and every news reaches them first. The leading portals of B2B Industry can provide valuable updates on various topics. Some of the top-notch B2B website blogs are listed below: — The biggest name in the world of e-commerce industry — Leading online website offering high-quality products — The most reliable online trading platform that provides a variety of free features


There are a plethora of suggestions for readers who wish to read and enhance their information on digital industry, but obviously being a product of fast-moving industry, it is nearly impossible for all these marketers to invest hours after hours just learning about the news of the industry. Marketers need platforms that can deliver exact information in precise words to keep them updated with all the present-day happenings without wasting their time.

The websites mentioned in this articles are the best of the best resources that are regularly viewed by industry leading marketers, and they also contribute most of the content present here after testing and receiving positive results.

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