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B2B Telemarketing – It’s not just about setting appointments

People outside the B2B telemarketing and lead generation business often misgauge the gravity of responsibilities a telemarketer has. They generally dismiss the undertaking as mere “sales calling” and they probably always ask “How hard can it be?”

On some levels, they’re correct in saying that; telemarketers do just spend almost 80% of the time on the phones, talking to people to sell stuff. It’s the meat of the job, anyway. But behind the spiels and the elevator pitches, there are hidden” benefits that telemarketers bring to the table to provide added-value to the entire marketing campaign.

A clean database

A telemarketer’s pipeline is his intelligence weapon. It’s where he gets numbers, names, job titles, and ultimately it organizes everything so all information is intact while in battle. Without this, a telemarketer would be lost. Telemarketing campaigns provide the opportunity for teams to update its database and make sure all data are accurate.

A taste of people’s brand awareness

Directly getting insight and feedback from prospects can give a company the chance to see how the public is painting them a picture in the business community. This is important primarily in coming up with ways to improve one’s business image and/or to enhance brand awareness.

Target market intelligence

Every day, telemarketers learn precious information about how a certain company, community, or industry operates. Who typically makes decisions on technology purchases? Who handles the bids? Who has the final say between the CTO and the Project Manager? How do they shop in the market? When? How much is their budget? These things are critical in customizing your pitch in making the sale in the future.

Target market education

As much as telemarketers learn from prospects, it also works the other way around. Most of the time, prospects are not well-informed about products and services that, without their knowledge, have been available in the market at their disposal. Letting them know that there are ways to solve their problems is a big deal for them, and it paves the way for an easier selling phase.

Engaging with people

What could be more important than speaking with the very people that keep you business alive? If you’re the kind of company that puts value in the opportunity to maintain a healthy, open communication between you and the buying business community, then for sure you’d appreciate that interactive aspect of B2B telemarketing. After all, relationships, above anything, are what matters the most.

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