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Be Better In IT Telemarketing In Five Ways

For an IT managed services company, getting more sales leads can be pretty hard. So, when you have the chance, when you are given an opportunity to speak with potential customers, you should take it as an opportunity for a sale to happen. Do not waste it. Well, for some marketers, especially those who use B2B telemarketing as the communication medium, doing that may seem to be a pretty daunting task. In any case, it is all about proper management. B2B lead generation is not a mystery. It is part and parcel of your normal business operations. If you know how to properly handle a business conversation, then you will not have any problems. Now, here are some tips that you will find useful during the conversation phase:

1. Break topics into smaller pieces — the average attention span of a busy manager is just half a minute. If you want to speak your piece as to why your offer is the best, break the sub-topics into, at most, thirty-second long talks. This will also help organize your thoughts and pretty much get your topic across your B2B leads prospect.
2. Watch out for boredom — yes, this will be tougher when all your talk is on the phone, but you can always note the verbal and non-verbal cues that your prospects display through the phone. The signs can be easy to pick up, like sighs, interruptions, coughs, etc. Carefully gauge the interest of your prospect. If you suspect that it is waning, work harder on getting it back.
3. Seek permission for story-telling — while you might be able to get your message across better by telling a story, always ask permission first. Stories can be lengthy, and if your business prospect is a busy person, they are least likely to have the time to listen. Lucky for you if they allow you to. If not, then you can only do your best in describing the benefits that your offer can bring.
4. Be direct — since time is of the essence here, most importantly on the side of your prospects, your appointment setting team should not waste it. Tell them to go straight to the point. You need to get your message across quickly. Going around the bush will not make your prospects think that you are wasting their time: you are wasting their time.
5. Focus on value — value is everything, make no mistake about it. While your pricing may be a bit high, it becomes a moot point if your business prospects see that accepting the products you offer will be beneficial for them. You have to be clear, concise, and concrete in describing the value your company can offer.

In any case, these tips would work well when you are actually doing it. Still, just to be sure that this is properly done, you can always outsource this to a professional B2B lead generation agency. These firms would have the people, equipment, and the capabilities to bring you more customers.

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