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Be Hunted Instead of Hunting

3 Sales Tips to Get More Referrals

Sales professionals are referred to as Hunters or Gathers. Only a small portion of people has both qualities. Hunters are naturally inclined to go out prospecting for new business and open doors. Gathers are nurturers. This type of professional is better at to tending to the relationship and allowing it to evolve.

Regardless of your inclination, regular referrals and recommendations can even reduce the reliance on always hunting for business.

I like to be hunted for my services instead of hunting.
When you build a business based on word-of-mouth referrals you will find yourself frequently sought after (hunted).

The key is to listen for opportunities to ask for referrals. Many of the entrepreneurs, sales professionals and service providers that I coach are not initially very successful at getting referrals.

They are not…

1. Listening for advantageous moments to ask.
2. Asking for specific and concrete referral categories.
3. Encouraging the referral source to pass on your name.

1. Listening:

When someone specifically tells you what he or she appreciates about your products or service, ask if they know anyone else who would also appreciate your product or service. At the height of satisfaction, they are more likely to think of someone who is in the same spot as themselves prior to purchasing from you.

2. Asking:

I often hear, “Can you think of anyone to refer me to?” My mind goes blank. Instead, frame the question in concrete terms, “Can you think of somebody who uses email marketing and would like to improve their results?”

“Can you think of a company in need of a compelling copy writer to improve their SEO results?”

“Can you think of a company that needs to keep their sales team in action to prevent a summer dip in sales?”

“Do you know of any baby boomers who want to downsize their belongings and want to get organized?”

“Can you think of any realtors/home sellers with mid-priced homes ranging from $200,000 — $400,000 who might use an expert stager to help them streamline the selling process?”

Adapt the above examples to your business.

3. Encouraging:

I was talking to a former client and she mentioned an organization that might benefit from having me speak for them. She offered to give me the contact’s name. I politely suggested that she make the introduction. This is how a large portion of my business evolves. She sent an email and introduced me to the organization, as well as detailing why she felt my sales presentations would connect with their audience. I was booked for the speaking event, and it was the organization that sought me out.

A good way to foster this exchange is to make it a practice to refer others when the situation warrants. This helps you believe that people will refer you.

Use these three tips to be hunted more often in addition to hunting for business.

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