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Beware of RSS — Reluctant Seller Syndrome

Was it Burt Lancaster who came out with those immortal words “If you build it they will come” in that excellent film ‘Field of Dreams’? But in business it’s increasingly clear that if you build it they probably won’t come. Apart from those who would have shown up anyway — and they are often not that many.

It often starts like this; A business idea is born — through a fabulous sounding idea, or because the timing is right to realise that life dream. Perhaps the money is there at last. Maybe a redundancy or other life changing event has forced the issue. Or a combination of all of the above.

The passion is there. Unbridled enthusiasm is unleashed as the new entrepreneurs start to ‘live the dream’. Then suddenly it dawns — they need more sales to survive! And
increasing sales is certainly not their speciality.

I’ve met some brilliant people in my line of work. Name a business sector and I’ve probably had the joy of meeting brilliant people within it.
That’s brilliant at ‘what they do’. But, sooner or later they have to get good at what they don’t do — Sell.

That’s when many develop that well known condition RSS — Reluctant Seller’s Syndrome. Sometimes I think it’s catching!

The symptoms?

– They associate the word “selling” with those nasty high pressure sales tactics you hear about. This belief embeds itself over time — and ultimately inhibits their sales performance.
– They view selling as “persuading people to have something they don’t need” (it certainly isn’t by the way) — so they shun practising this sordid discipline!
– They freeze at networking events — speaking only to those they know and staying much too long talking to the friendly person next to them. They avoid breaking the circle and ‘interrupting’ a group nearby.
– They end up heavily discounting their services because deep down they didn’t believe their product or service was worth the initial price — and it showed.
These are the common symptoms — there are others too.
What to do if you’re exhibiting ‘Reluctant Seller Syndrome’?


Because there are lots like you. It’s a big club.

Then what? Grab the nearest pen and paper.

Ask yourself “What Stops You?” Dig deep. What REALLY stops you? And be very honest with the answers. Write down everything that comes into your head — even if it makes no sense. When you’ve written everything you can, WAIT. There will be more to come. That first gap was called a blank spot. Go past two blank spots and when you’ve finished writing the third time, then you probably are finished.

Now I don’t know what your answers will tell you — but you will. There will be some true nuggets in there. Nuggets which will, with a little thought, tell you exactly what you need to do next.

It’s all about the psychology of selling!

Until next time…


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