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Business To Business Telemarketing Advice

Make fewer telemarketing calls and close more sales. Telemarketing is a valuable tool for increasing business. Break down the process to improve your results. A little attention to a few areas can have a profound impact on results.

Telemarketers will have more success in fewer calls. Success makes everyone involved happy.

Three areas to evaluate:

  1. Call script
  2. Presentation style
  3. Do your closing questions match your objectives?

A good cold call script will increase the amount of genuine sales conversations. Whether your objective is to set an appointment or have a substantial sales call a good calling script can help. Most important is the benefit statements used and the engaging question at the end of the introduction.

Telemarketers have about 30 seconds for the prospect to decide if they will take a few minutes to engage in a discussion. If your benefit statement strikes a chord the call is on the way to a successful conclusion. The prospect wants to know WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) before proceeding. Take time to write out several statements and read them aloud. It’s easy to clutter up a concept. Keep statements simple.

When making a telemarketing cold call the initial presentation is crucial. One of the biggest mistakes telemarketers make is talking too fast. Slow down! Speak clearly and enunciate. When sales calls feel rushed a prospect is more likely to dismiss the call. No one wants to feel like they are one in a million routine calls. When a prospect feels she is call ten thousand she won’t feel guilty about shutting a call down quickly.

Talking too fast often does not allow the prospect to register what was said. Speed matters. When a telemarketer speaks slowly and clearly they sound more authoritative. Use a deep voice and sit up straight. The combination of these few small techniques will improve performance. Telemarketers are more apt to engage a prospect in a serious discussion when the prospect understands what the call is about.

Once you’ve decided on your goal, and how to qualify your prospect design at least nine closing statements. Closing statements have different purposes. Closing statements help telemarketers gauge if a prospect is ready to buy. Effective statements sometimes require a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response.

Great telemarketers let their questions move the process forward. When a prospect sees value and feels inspired to buy the telemarketer has done an excellent job. We all like to believe we’re logical consumers. The truth is we all buy more stuff than we need which is not logical. Good telemarketers sell on value and benefits, not price.

Business-to-business telemarketing is a thoughtful methodology that delivers tremendous results. Small modifications are important. Experiment, practice, and test call scripts prior to using them live. Record your delivery style, listen and evaluate. Would you want to talk with someone who sounds frantic and unprofessional? Present benefits, engage and listen to your prospect. Don’t force a sale. Create value and prime prospects so they want to buy!

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