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Can You be Too Enthusiastic in Sales?

How the Art of Knowing when to Shut up can Save the Sale

Some of the best presentations can be ruined by the over enthusiastic sales person. The sale has already been made, however the only person in the room that hasn’t noticed is the one who made it! Sometimes this mistake can cost you the sale. I have seen buyers reconsider the purchase, questioning why the salesperson is so eager? Could there be something I did not see? Is there a credibility issue with this service or product? Be aware of this mistake and take a deep breath when you feel the second cup of expresso kicking in. The ability to let the buyer ponder the decision can be difficult. The silence can be nerve racking to the sales person. This mistake made by some overzealous sales people is what I call “talking over the sold” . This is when the silence becomes unbearable and the sales person feels the need to blurt out a repeat of all the reasons this is a good decision for the buyer. This can make any one question, what did I not think of before deciding to purchase? They may even come up with something to have you verify, or maybe ask for a price reduction; since you are so eager to sell , why not ask? The value of the product or service can be undermined when you do not execute a measured and muted response. I have even seen sales people provide the ammunition to shoot themselves in the foot with comments such as ” I think we have the best available product even though we are more expensive than the other guys.” This just opened the buyer’s mind to a potential negative – ” What will my boss think if he finds out I payed more?” Another example, “Why not take a chance? I know we are new to the market, but we can provide better service than your current provider.” Yes, I really have heard this said during the close of a sale. This provides the buyer with a few negatives – known vs unknown; what if I make a bad choice by taking a chance? These comments, however benign, take the buyer from a possible confident stance to one of uncertainty. The next time you feel the urge to fill the silence with your voice, consider the art of verbal pauses as they can make the difference between a yes or no in your next sale.

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