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Catching Up with Shawn Finder: An Entrepreneur at Heart

On the NASP podcast this week, we talked to Shawn Finder, an entrepreneur at heart, about his story, tips, and tricks he has to offer. This week, we delved into our topic–is social touching appropriate in the world of sales?

Let’s find out who Shawn Finder is.

Who is Shawn Finder?

At the age of 24, Shawn entered the entrepreneurial world for being a top-ranked tennis player in Canada. He has also always had a passion for sales.

Shawn started out simply importing packing from other countries and selling in the US. He then founded ExchangeLeads in 2013, which helped build quality lists for reaching new prospects. His second startup, Autoklose, began in early 2018 and combined list-building and sales engagement.

He says that he always had to “sell himself.” Whether it was for tennis scholarships in the US, to get clients for tennis lessons, or in the world of sales. By doing this, he became a stronger salesman and leader.

His Tips

Shawn had a lot of valuable tips to share about the business. Here are the highlights.

Connect and Engage on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredible place to make connections, and sometimes it can be the deciding factor in who you do business with. Shawn made the point that following and building rapport with someone on the social media site can allow individuals to stick out, and be beneficial for everyone involved. He considers this to be a “social touch,” our topic of the week.

Use Automation Tools for Social Media

To verify that you are only sending out quality material, and to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time manually posting on Facebook and LinkedIn, use an automation tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. However, he also says that you still need to make sure you’re keeping a close eye out on your social media to ensure that your posts and image look professional. Also, to confirm that everything lines up when it comes to dates, spelling, etc. Having an automation tool for your email doesn’t hurt either.

Know Your Buyer and Their Competitors

Shawn also mentioned knowing who your buyer is. Meaning that you shouldn’t buy a buyer list, do a little testing instead. Ask around, figure out the industries you are working with, and go from there.  Take note of your client’s competitors as well, and make sure to go after them too.

Final Thoughts from Shawn Finder

When it comes to social touches, Shawn Finder is all for them. Connect, engage, and make sales while also “selling yourself.”

Check out our the NASP podcast for this episode and more!

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