Coaching skills can be used in creating a good performance appraisal experience for both the employee and the supervisor. Meet with staff regularly, reviewing the goals, and creating new plans for the upcoming month. The monthly review of the PLAN gives you the opportunity to really check-in with staff and support them in developing success. Coach them to succeed!

Big Picture v Detail? The cost of not knowing your customers' preferences

To set strategies for your business first look at the vision, the different aspects of the vision. Brainstorm and get all of the ideas out and write them down without judging them or editing them. Ideas jump off of other ideas. Many organizations have strategic plans that are well thought out and crafted, but they fall short is in the implementation of that plan.

For what tasks can you enlist help? Almost everything you do, with the exception of meeting face-to-face with your customers, can probably be delegated to someone who can do it better or more efficiently than you can. I stumbled onto a powerful time management principle: Creating relationships that result in people gladly working to assist you can be one of your most powerful time management strategies.

Strategic leadership is defined as determining where an organization is going and how to get there. Strategic plans usually involve budgets. Strategic leadership usually involves planning. Strategic planning and strategic leadership styles vary just as the employees and owners of companies involved in the planning process differ.

As a manager, your job is to lead your employees properly. When was the last time you checked your management style? You might ask yourself whether your management style is good for generating more business leads for your firm.

Having trouble motivating your sales team in this ecomony? If you've had to cut back on the perks and bonuses you've used in the past to get your team to produce, then you'll love these new, inexpensive and successful techniques to get the most out of your team!

Sales managers frequently approach me for advice on how to keep salespeople motivated, especially when sales reps get into a rut - and seem to keep slipping deeper into it. Offer help without being overbearing. Put your trust and confidence in that salesperson.

Do you realize that some of the highest paid people in the world are effective sales people? Can your business survive if you or someone on your staff does not master these skills? Sales skills must be mastered in order to be successful!

There are two fundamental motivators of sales people: fear and greed. Guess what happens when a "greed" technique is used on a sales person motivated by fear? Nothing! Thus, it is critical for the sales manager to figure out the right motivator for each of his team members.