And finally, make sure you measure (and reward) the actions that drive sales. Remember, it's how your sales reps handle the brush offs and smokescreens and stalls that determine how successful (and empowered) they are more than how much time they spend on the phone.

Modern managing is hard. In years gone by managing was much easier. Everyone had clearly defined roles. You knew where the boundaries were. These days it seems as if many managers are confused into management paralysis. Not sure what to stand for. Scared of making decisions. You, as the manager, must proactively manage, coach and lead each team member towards achieving their individual goals.

Employee Motivation

Does it improve performance, productivity, keep them motivated and loyal?

Employee motivation is not always the easiest of tasks, but it does pay off for you, your customers and the employee. Recognition is ranked the number one motivating factor when it comes to employee motivation in the workplace. If you want to maintain motivated employees, and encourage others to do better, recognizing them publicly may save yourself the time and money of having to find and re-train new staff.

While the pipeline is a vital part of the sales process, it is also where the most fundamental mistake is made, and this mistake costs companies millions (if not billions) of dollars every year. Until you solve this basic problem of training your sales team, having them generate and stuff more unqualified leads into your pipeline won't get you the results your company needs.

During these changing times, everyone is concerned about tomorrow and many people are living in fear of the unknown. This fear is causing unreliable hearsay, low team morale and less productivity. However, there is a solution and it is centred on one word - attitude. Read more to find out how does Attitude able to increase team morale and productivity during times of change

As sales decline, sales survival has become the topic of discussion in many corporate boardrooms during this economic downturn. Remember that what goes down will eventually go up. We have slipped into a valley, but in time we will climb the mountain to success. Keep your entrepreneurial spirit and sales energy alive.

Team Building Disciplines

To Inspire Motivated and Results Oriented Teams

As a team leader, are you inspiring, motivated and results oriented? Somewhere along the way you made a decision, you took control of the things under your control, got to know yourself, your dreams and desires and you paid the price to make your dream a reality by mastering self-discipline and personal leadership. That is what a leader needs to build effective team. Are you a team builder?

If I were to ask you what the most important thing a sales manager can do to drive business, what would your answer be? Staying focused on the most important part of the sale - adherence to best practices - you'll avoid the biggest mistake most sales managers make, and in turn you'll become one of the few managers whose team actually make their revenue numbers.

Look at your current selling environment and see which one of these keys is missing. Once you find it, you'll now know what to do!

One of the best ways for a sales manager to see how well his salespeople actually sell is to go along with them on a few appointments and observe them in action. These ride-alongs can either be highly productive or a total disaster, depending on how you as a sales manager handle the situation. [...]