As a consultant and trainer I'm often called in to new business opportunities. On these occasions it is part of my job to help clients understand how "big" their opportunity is. What I have observed is that sometimes my client doesn't really understand where their service (or product) fits into the market. Or why people will want it. Or what the price should be. To me, that smells trouble... for my client.

Make a list of every qualities that your "Perfect Prospect" should have. Every time you vary from the list, you will have to work harder, spend more money, and enjoy working less with them. Only attempt to market to your Perfect Prospect ,contact them with value, and market to them until they Buy or until they Die.

I am often asked if a person or small business needs to be on ALL of the social networks? Think of your ideal customer - either the average of your current customers, or your favorite, most profitable client right now. Where are your customers "hanging out" at the moment?

The hardest part in building quality business relations with your B2B leads is in persuading them to affiliate with your business or to make them into long-term customer for your business.There are 5 ways to do this and once you try these methods you can be assured that you will get that long-term business relationship that your company needs.

So why does Wendy's spend so much money advertising a 99 cent Chicken Sandwich? To compete and to create the perception that Wendy's offers value. You need to constantly give the buyers the perception that your products and services give them VALUE as well!

Guarantees reduce buyer resistance, because a guarantee reduces the customer's fear of loss. A guarantee will increase your sales and profits. Tout your guarantee!

Branding is as much about matching the message to the market as it is about staying consistent across all platforms. As every new social network emerges and takes root, it really is worth it, to quickly sign up and secure your name, or your brand's name before anyone else does. At least this way you can wait out the success of that network safe in the knowledge that your identity is locked down.

Just about every service business relies on some form of "proof" that they can deliver what they offer, and client testimonials are among the most sought after marketing weapons for business owners to have in their arsenal. But how do you go about getting a client testimonial that is worded well enough that you can actually use it?

Social Media Return On Investment

Stop Trying To Bake A Cake In A Tupperware Container!

When people measure the return on investment for social media marketing they are looking at the wrong thing. They are looking at sales numbers and a return on money and time spent. That is not what social networking was designed for. It is like baking a cake in a tupperware storage container. Beyond a sticky, stuck-on mess, you've now ruined two separate assets that had plenty of value on their own.

Don't spend thousands on trade shows to get little or no sales! Learn the secrets of making trade shows work for you, and generate solid sales leads that will impact your entire fiscal year.