I encourage you to use this month to put these secrets into your goal planning for 2013. If you do, then next year at this time you will be reaching for even more aggressive goals because you'll have discovered the real secrets to performance in life.

The Why is a powerful goal achievement tool that isn't used by many, only the super successful. When used properly, success is guaranteed to come. It is the single source of power that will drive your performance the entire way along your journey and therefore the secret weapon of goal achievement.

It seems that most people look for secrets or shortcuts to success and some are willing to try almost anything, regardless of how preposterous, to earn more money. For those is sales, earning more money usually requires selling more. [...]

The adage of not putting all of one's eggs in one basket certainly applies to the topic of sales. With a great deal of competition and a deep target audience for many to reach, sales training methods have recognized this reality. From Chicago sales training to sales and marketing training forces around the globe, the Law of Large Numbers is an important concept to understand.

Whenever you're in fear (any kind of fear - financial, emotional, professional, etc.), all you have to do is make a list of 25 things you're grateful for. And when you can help enough people accomplish their goals, you'll always exceed yours. So the next time you're struggling or just not feeling it, think about some of the things you may be grateful for.

If things are temporarily not going your way, or if you have to start prospecting again, or if that big client or if those deals didn't close, that's OK! Combine these techniques and you'll be out of your temporary slump in no time.

How do you plan to spend your New Year's Eve? The most successful will spend time designing their upcoming year.

With the hundreds of people I work with, I seem to aways get asked the same question, "How do you get it all done?". As business owners, we have a tendency to take on many projects at once often leaving us stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy with our performance resulting in the "F" word coming - failure.

The bottom line is that we all want lots of things, but only a few of us are willing to actually do something about it. Is this the year that you finally have what it is you've always wanted? The good news is that it's there for the taking if you're ready to do something about it. I hope you are.

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