Follow this 5-Step method of setting short term goals and I guarantee you that your life WILL change 3 to 6 months from now.

In today's information age, people are overwhelmed with information, data, and events to the point of being bombarded. With the advancement of technology that overwhelmed feeling is increased tenfold by the quick access to everything. So what does this mean when you are trying to command the attention of your audience, a prospect, an employee or a client?

Psychologists estimate that you are talking to yourself at a rate of 1,200 to 1,500 words a minute. How is your self talking influencing your selling? I challenge you this week to begin getting accountable for what you say to yourself, and begin taking responsibility for your attitude.

Have you ever needed to ask directions? You know, you're traveling and trying to get to your hotel, or you're in a different part of the city looking for a restaurant and when you don't know the way, you stop and ask somebody, don't you? It applies to sales as well.

Each year, millions set out to achieve their big, big goals and often start with the greatest of intentions but never make it to the finish line. The reason is simple, they do not set deadlines!. Deadlines can be used to your advantage and are proven to improve your success rate when trying to achieve your goals.

An economic crisis is not within your control but can have an impact on your daily life. It is easier to allow external circumstances to take control than to develop a plan of action for the future. Your reaction to any crisis is very much within your control.

If what you sell for a living means you have to pick up the phone - either to set appointments, call prospects back, return calls to clients, etc., then you have to learn how to sound natural and how to avoid putting your prospects, gatekeepers, assistants, etc., on notice that you're trying to sell something.

What if you could change your emotional life but simply changing a few of your life rules?

During these changing times, everyone is concerned about tomorrow and many people are living in fear of the unknown. This fear is causing unreliable hearsay, low team morale and less productivity. However, there is a solution and it is centred on one word - attitude. Read more to find out how does Attitude able to increase team morale and productivity during times of change

Building rapport with a prospect quickly is the most important first step of any sales call. Use these three techniques the next time you have to make a cold call, and you'll have your prospect wanting to hear more.