Can you feel it? The signs of the economic recovery are everywhere. What's so interesting to me is that many of the sales reps and companies I speak with are still mired in the old, "bad news" and they seem intent on wallowing in it. Attitude is everything in sales.The best way to pass along your positive attitude to the prospects and clients you speak with is to have what I call an "Economic Recovery Script."

As sales decline, sales survival has become the topic of discussion in many corporate boardrooms during this economic downturn. Remember that what goes down will eventually go up. We have slipped into a valley, but in time we will climb the mountain to success. Keep your entrepreneurial spirit and sales energy alive.

Whatever images you hold in your mind, in your consciousness, will always be manifested outward as your experience. It is the simplest of truths that you cannot hold one belief and image in your mind and manifest another. The exciting thing about this principle is that as soon as you truly understand and begin using it constructively with belief and expectation, you can turn anything completely around.

His eyes were narrow and bloodshot and a two-day old stubble framed his face. I didn't want to embarrass him, but I thought it none the less: "Do you think your appearance and demeanor have anything to do with your customers' reaction?" Question every single aspect of your interaction with the customer, and gradually shape every thing to match the position you want to gain.

Have confidence, conviction and positive energy surrounding you at all times. In fact, studies show that the majority of success and good fortune is actually in your control. Practice these tips daily and you will form a habit of thinking positively and be one the road to designing the life of your dreams.

Team Building Disciplines

To Inspire Motivated and Results Oriented Teams

As a team leader, are you inspiring, motivated and results oriented? Somewhere along the way you made a decision, you took control of the things under your control, got to know yourself, your dreams and desires and you paid the price to make your dream a reality by mastering self-discipline and personal leadership. That is what a leader needs to build effective team. Are you a team builder?

Your thoughts lead to your actions, and it is your actions that determine your results. But everything starts by your mental attitude, by what you dwell on all day long.

What are a veteran sales professional's thoughts after one week of NASP's CPSP certification program? More importantly, should YOU consider making the investment in the program?

When many of us hear the word sales, we often cringe at the thought of an aggressive sales person hovering over us to make a purchase on an item that we aren't convinced brings tremendous value. No wonder as business owners, many of us are fearful of the sales process.

Dinosaur Selling

Are Your Sales Skills Extinct or Evolving?

We are living in a fast paced world. Technology is changing the way we lead our lives and do business. Who had thought of Twitter or You Tube five years back? The question is how much have you changed in these changing times as a person and as a sales professional? Do you use the latest sales techniques to leverage your business?