Salespeople often allow popular to win versus right. For example, it is time for an account review, a manager inserts himself into the process and informs the salesperson of what is going to be done in that meeting. The salesperson listens to the strategy and knows that it is not right for the account. However, the sales person says nothing to the manager.

Do you know what your purpose is? This alone is the foundation of time management. Without a purpose, or goal, you are wondering around aimlessly and wasting time. Your time is ticking away. Is effective time management something you would like your life to benefit from?

Most people live their lives on "Me! Me! Me!" but that's not good enough when your clients live their lives on "Me! Me! Me!" too. To be a truly great salesperson you need the "Me! Me! Me!" drive and ambition but when you get in front of prospects and clients you need to be "You! You! You!". We are, after all, supposed to be servicing our clients.

What do you want, and what belief can you buy into that can become your default belief that will counteract any negative thinking? And then what kinds of reinforcement tools can you surround yourself with that will keep you dreaming about how you'll feel once you attain your goal? These, coupled with an affirmation statement that you visualize several times a day, will keep you focused on what you want.

While the easy thing to do is to create one cover letter and one resume, it is not the most effective way to pursue a new job. Hiring managers ask themselves a simple question when they first peruse your cover letter and resume. "Do they want this specific job or just any job?" They know when you are mass emailing your marketing tools just like prospects know when you mass email them.

Too many salespeople feel that they have to point out a customer's mistake or get in the last word to show the customer how much effort went into solving a problem. Even if you do win the battle, there is a good chance you will lose the war. That means your customer will find a reason to jump ship and shift their business to one of your competitors. Are a few last words that make you feel better worth that loss?

One of the most rote sales functions is prospecting. Sales managers have an opportunity to reduce this pain and make the exercise fun. The team that wins the championship isn't necessarily as skilled as the others, but they are driven to achieve. Get creative and inspire your team to crush the tomato!

The problem in today's society is most people are not aware of their attitude and possess little discipline. They tend to reward themselves without cause. If you associate recognition and reward with behavior whether it is appropriate or inappropriate, it usually is repeated. By combining attitude and discipline, you acquire an attitude of discipline equal to a 200% increase in your overall performance.

One of the perils salespeople have is leaving the ultimate decision-maker out of the solution development process. When administrators fly into their manager's office with what they feel is a great decision, they are rebuffed. And, for one core reason, EGO! It is met with resistance for the simple reason that his manager was not invited to participate in the process.

The word "integrity" is the most overused and misunderstood word in business. Many claim to have the upmost highest level of integrity when it comes to serving their customers, respecting their service partners and treatment of their employees but very few really know what the word means.