They company worked so hard to recruit Steven that they celebrated prematurely. Consider how much money was spent to recruit Steven into Newman Industries. Now think about those dollars evaporating after Steven doesn't return after his first day. Putting together a new hire welcoming program takes commitment on the part of the entire management team to ensure it is followed.

By publishing job board ads that is so restrictive, many candidates won't apply. The companies miss out on potential superstars. Don't let the few great ones that are in the market get away. Make sure your communication to attract talent is formulated to truly represent what was intended.

You want to gather data about the candidate so that you can make a solid decision. Most companies get that. However, the goal is to also create an environment where the candidate has the same evaluation opportunity. That is the second dimension. One of the best ways to share the sales culture with candidates is through reverse interviewing.

Entrepreneurs: growing your business often means hiring a sales team. Do you know how to test their selling skills before you hire them? Find out how hire the most skilled sales professionals to propel the profits of your company.

Sales Management training is not as common as it used to be, as more and more organizations think Sales Management should already know it all. However, lack of sales management training is the root to most sales problems. Sales management training is just as important, if not more than, sales training. Find out how you could use sales management training to increase your bottom line!

Hire Smart

Four Great Interview Questions to Hire Great Sales Staff

For the self-employed, growing your business often means hiring sales staff. Avoid the hiring traps that lead to sales staff turnover. Find out how to hire the right salesperson the first time.

Try this powerful technique during your next interview. You will be amazed by how well it works. Simply give them an objection, then sit back, listen and observe.

Sales Training is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a motivated and results oriented team of sales professionals. However, sales training is also known to have an impact for only up to 90 days, or for one quarter of the year. For sales training to be effective, measurable against results, in today's economy, it has to be ongoing and consistently re-enforced.

Having trouble hiring top sales reps? Use these three simple yet proven techniques the next time you're in front of a candidate and you'll instantly be able to tell who you're dealing with - a bottom 80% producer, or a top 20% producer.

There are some things that motivate your employees more than others. Yes, free coffee and bagels on casual Friday are good, but we are focusing on lead generation. What do they need to be more productive when generating leads?