Writing cover letters can be as frustrating and difficult as writing a resume. If you have struggled with the do's and don't of cover letters, relax. Here are three tips that will simplify your cover letter writing and streamline your job application process.

Is your resume getting ignored even when you know you are a perfect candidate fit? Chances are your resume isn't making it past the first 15 second test. It could be that your resume is breaking all the rules of readability. Read on to learn ten ways of improving your resume and gaining job interviews.

Post-50 job seekers, are you seeing signs of age discrimination? Your old resume could be the problem, categorizing you as over the hill and ready for retirement. Don't' give up, give your resume an extreme makeover!

One of the toughest career challenges is returning to corporate life after being self-employed for a number of years. Don't let anxiety over re-entering corporate life lead to less-than-satisfactory employment. With thoughtful strategy, you can turn the next phase of your career into the best professional years of your life.

Most job seekers have questions about how to write the most effective resume. If unanswered the result is a poorly written resume. In today's tough job market a less-than-perfect resume means little or no job interviews. Read on to find the answers you your resume questions.

Build A Better Resume

A few tips to help get noticed!

In this job market it is extrememly important that you take every measure possible to set yourself apart from the rest. Here are 10 tips to help your resume get the attention it deserves! [...]

In this article the author explains how to get your resume read and not just skimmed over.