One of the boons of the Internet is its power to boost sales. Linkedin is a formidable tool to help boost sales. Let's examine -- how Linkedin can leverage your business success.

LinkedIn is an online social network of experienced professionals from around the world with over 37 million members in over 200 countries. Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies and well know experts, authors and leaders are all LinkedIn members, so the question is, are you?

The pivotal position that the Internet enjoys today in the world is unquestionable. From every aspect, the Internet is now one of the most happening places. A lot of real things are happening in the virtual world. From a sales and marketing perspective the Internet is now a crucial tool that helps to leverage a marketer's position tremendously. It is obvious that the Internet helps in boosting sales by providing access to a wealth of data and information about prospects. Within minutes, statistics, opinions, as well as background information about the prospects are available at our finger tips -- thanks to the Internet. Prudence lies in making good us of it.

To develop a social media strategy requires time, and I'm a firm believer it must be incremental time. You can't allow it to take away from your current sales development strategy. Social media has a role in your sales strategy, but not to the abandonment of time-tested elements such as cold-calling and meeting face-to-face with customers.