Planning a life of success is about mapping out the aspects of your life. A life map is a valuable tool for building success year after year. You are not just driving down the road blindly. You have envisioned your destination.

Everyone faces challenges on the job. Did you know that you can turn those challenges into resume accomplishments? Fill your resume with accomplishments and you'll have employers eager to call you for interviews. Learn this three-step method for turning challenges into resume achievements.

Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you see yourself as management material, but your resume doesn't convince potential employers? Don't give up. Here are three tips for creating your resume as a tool to help you climb the corporate ladder and grow in your career.

In today's highly competitive markets it is the one who aggressively solves the customer's needs and problems the easiest and fastest for them will get the sale. Always be aggressive and practice W.I.T....Whatever it takes!

If you've been sending your resume out with no response from employers it's time to jump-start your resume with tips on how to grab employers' attention.

Honesty and integrity in sales. Those are two words that are not often associated with the profession. Dishonesty in a sales person's resume means they don't play on my team. There are more than enough statistics to support the issue of what I call "resume inflation."

The best jobs don't go to the most qualified, but rather, to those who can sell themselves most effectively. Your entire career depends on your ability to sell yourself to your next employer. If you are less-than-confident about your ability to answer, "why should we hire you?" it's time you learned to think like a salesperson. Read further to learn how.

Sales is the only profession I know of where the overwhelming majority of practitioners are content with their personal status quo. Some mistakenly think that their jobs are so unique that they cannot possibly learn anything from anyone else. Still others think they know it all. They have, therefore, no interest in taking time from some seemingly valuable thing they are doing to attend a seminar or read a book.

The way you talk about your competition to your prospects says more about you than about your competition.

While the easy thing to do is to create one cover letter and one resume, it is not the most effective way to pursue a new job. Hiring managers ask themselves a simple question when they first peruse your cover letter and resume. "Do they want this specific job or just any job?" They know when you are mass emailing your marketing tools just like prospects know when you mass email them.