If what you sell for a living means you have to pick up the phone - either to set appointments, call prospects back, return calls to clients, etc., then you have to learn how to sound natural and how to avoid putting your prospects, gatekeepers, assistants, etc., on notice that you're trying to sell something.

Think that you can't get a sales job without sales experience? Think again. You may have more experience in sales than you thought!

Have you noticed how many employers are hiring Inside Sales reps lately? What's behind the trend and why you should consider an Inside Sales Position for your next job.

I've always thought that sales reps have an invisible dollar sign $ above their heads with a number that represents how much money they think they are worth. It is this financial image that determines how they perform more than any other single factor. It's more important than what the economy is doing, or how their leads are, or what their territory is like or anything else.

One of the habits often practiced by highly successful people is the habit of regular goal setting. There is a reason for that. Long term goals compel you to work with discipline and concentration rather than going about your job mindlessly and routinely. Create a set of long-term goals for each of the five fundamental aspects of your life. Keep track of your progress.

Employee motivation can be an easy task especially when the team leader demonstrates the appropriate disciplines. The simple disciplines encourage employee motivation to happen naturally. The wonders of "monkey see, monkey do" approach. Find out how you can have the most important discipline of employee motivation.

Do the best sales people all sell the same way? A number of years ago, a professional association attempted to answer that question. They studied superstar sales people from a wide variety of industries and concluded: Yes! As the best have taught us, there is a path to sales mastery, and it travels through excellent execution of the essentials.

Pure commissions sales jobs are challenging, but they also provide the greatest opportunity for a salesperson.

B2C, or Business to Consumer Sales positions are among the highest paid and most rewarding sales careers around. Here are just a few examples of some well known (and well paid) B2C sales careers.

If you are looking at changing your sales industry, the best career for you may be what keeps you up at night.