My office is in a buzzing and vibrant building filled with other businesses. We interact in the corridors, in the kitchen area and while waiting for our barista to make our favourite coffee. Sharing ideas, stories and anything else we fancy. Even on the days that I'm the only person in our office I still have plenty of people to chat with. As an extrovert, this is perfect for me.

Many Sales Leaders are well versed in leading a virtual team but what you will not be familiar with is leading a virtual team during a pandemic. You know what...neither am I.

It's easy to let the things outside of work affect our mood at work. It could be an argument with a loved one, a bad journey to work, financial issues, bereavement...the list of possibles is super long.

I often meet experienced Sales Leaders that have really high standards for themselves. They strive to be the very best version of themselves and do what it takes to achieve business objectives. This, of course, is to be applauded :)

How often do you listen to a sales person in your team telling you their plan for achieving and exceeding their sales target...only to observe them not doing what they planned throughout the month?

Sometimes my post on Linked In gets a bigger reaction than normal. I don't think I've done anything different but it lands in a way that connects with more people. One of my posts did that last week. It was about the language we use to ourselves when we are discouraged...which we can all feel from time to time.

Every time I work with a group of Sales Leaders and ask what their Sales Leadership Mission is, I get responses like... To be the best Sales Leader that delivers on targets and key business objectives. To ensure my team consistently achieve targets. To ensure that everyone is happy and working as a team.

Have you ever tried to make a curry with only one spice, or a fruit cake with only one fruit? How about a paella with only rice? It doesn't work does it?

There are some approaches that come up with every Sales Leader I speak with and have written countless blogs about. They are the most common behaviours that Sales Leaders indulge in to achieve their goals and targets...that actually get in the way of creating a high performing sales team.

I had a conversation this week with a Sales Leader who is moving into a new role. She's intelligent, highly skilled and has the proven ability to transform people to achieve higher levels of performance. She's super excited about her new role and is looking forward to planning her strategy to take the UK sales force to greater heights.