Today as you face a day of cold calling or prospecting, I hope that you, too, remember the crucial lesson I learned all those years ago. That no matter how discouraged you get when cold calling or prospecting, never give up - because the very next phone call you make can change your day, or your career.

Bad Business Assumption

Assuming You know The Perrception The Customer Has Of You

"Why do you guys always buy your candy from this candy store and not the one across the street?" The young boy replied as he pointed to the candy store across the street, "They take our candy away from us. Are your customers perceiving you as the one who adds to the value of their purchase or the one who takes the candy away? If you are not being perceived the way you want, do things to change the customer's and prospect's perception.

Cold Calling

The Myth Of Cold Calling 2.0 And Other Urban Legends

I've gotten very good at spotting trends, and there's one that is popular right now: The idea of "Cold Calling 2.0. Let's face it: A cold call is a cold call is a cold call. I don't care if it's a direct, in-your-face, old-school cold call, or a sneaky, pretend-to-be-someone-I'm-not-to-get-a-contact-name cold call. stop treading water with those ineffective and time-consuming cold calls!

Often people get caught in the trap of thinking they can (or should) close every deal that comes their way. When a hot prospect turns cold and you have done everything possible to move the sale forward but they aren't responding, it's time to drop that cold potato and focus your attention on other opportunities.

Your customer's lack of time is a relatively recent phenomenon. It wasn't much of an issue a few years ago, but it has become universal and growing in intensity day by day. Today, not only must the product or service bring value to the customer, but the time you spend with the customer must also be of value to him or her. He/she must see a reason for spending time with you - a payback for his investment of time.

Reaching out to your customers on a regular basis is simply a good practice. Befriending the phone is one of the best ways to build your business, and master your conversational skills to develop relationships. Your level of service is how you ultimately distinguish yourself between you and fellow entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and direct sellers.

Selling in a Recession

5 Strategies for Selling in Tough Markets

Even if there is not as much business out there, then you need to be more active, more focused and more targeted. If your competitors are easing off a little, now is the time to up the anti and grab your share of the market.

When you can get the prospect to think that they cannot live without purchasing your product or get them to think that they will be much better off purchasing the product / service from you instead of your competition, you will close the sale.Two techniques are to involve the prospect in the sale and using the 'Try It Out' method. These are great ways to turn 'A luxury into a necessity'.

Recent research uncovered almost eighty reasons why customers dislike salespeople. Not listening was the most cited reason customers dislike salespeople. Talking too much; It still amazes me how many salespeople think that telling is selling...Sales is an honorable profession. Stand out from your competition by avoiding these behaviours.

The employee that contacts the customer face-to-face, so to speak, is the person who represents the business in the customers mind. If that representation is not a great experience for the customer, the business suffers.There are 4 things every employee can do to increase sales and profits for the business. Make it easy for your customers to make a buying decision from you.