As a sales professional, you face a dragon when you meet with decision makers in the organizations you prospect and present to. Here are five strategies to consider when you face your dragon. Close more sales by applying these five strategies when you have to face your dragons.

Many sellers do the exact wrong thing in decreasing service when the economy is slow. Now is a great time to win new customers and sell more products and services and sell them more often to your present customers.To outrun the Bear, you do not have to be an Olympic champion. All you have to do is out service your competition.

I believe that success in sales follows a basic set of rules. Follow these rules of selling and you will notice an immediate improvement in your results.

Shut Up And Take The Money

And What To Do When They Say, "Your Price Is Higher Than The Competition

Stop thinking you have to tell the customer everything about your product / service. You don't. All you have to do is inform them enough for them to think your product / service will help them solve their problem, need or want. And when they think it, they usually make a closing statement. Shut up and take the money!

Most salespeople spend about the same amount of time with each customer, show them the same products, and make the same recommendations. Block eighty percent of your selling schedule for the top twenty percent of your accounts. This is not an easy transition for most people to make, but if you look at hotels, airlines, and other businesses you often find that the top-tier customers receive preferential treatment.

It seems that most people look for secrets or shortcuts to success and some are willing to try almost anything, regardless of how preposterous, to earn more money. For those is sales, earning more money usually requires selling more. [...]

The more time you spend talking about your product, the less inclined a prospect will want to continue that conversation. The more you focus your attention on their situation, their problems and demonstrating how you can help them improve their business, the more you differentiate yourself from the competition. You only have few moments to connect with a prospect so keep it brief. Keep it about them. And you will keep their attention.

If there was one thing that held you back in your career and if you had the ability to quickly overcome this one thing; would you do what it takes?

The adage of not putting all of one's eggs in one basket certainly applies to the topic of sales. With a great deal of competition and a deep target audience for many to reach, sales training methods have recognized this reality. From Chicago sales training to sales and marketing training forces around the globe, the Law of Large Numbers is an important concept to understand.

If you've read any of my work, then you know my favorite four words are, "Shut up and listen." You also know that I think the mute button is the most important button on your phone. To prove this to yourself, make a commitment today to asking questions and using the mute button to let your prospect answer you. You'll be surprised by what your prospects will reveal and how much easier it is to get deals.