Remind yourself that regardless of how good your product is, you can only sell someone who is interested at that time and willing to listen to you. Bottom line - once you set an achievable call goal, write an effective script, and begin calling looking only for the buyers, calling will get much easier.

If your product or service allows you the chance to up sell your customer at the point of sale (and seriously, what product or service doesn't??), then you can instantly double and even triple your income if you know how to properly suggest and get your prospects and customers to buy more. Here's how to do it.

The reason hype works is because of the feelings that are generated with hype. There's excitement in the spokesperson's voice, enthusiasm and energy. There's the hope that whatever is presented really IS the solution to every problem on the planet.

How to Sell A Pencil

And Your Product Or Service

What separates top sales producers from others that struggle to make sales? Take the easy "How to Sell a Pencil" test to see how you stack up against the pros. Do you talk past the close, or do you know the secrets to top sales performance? Take a tip from some of the best "pencil sales reps" and change your script and opening to focus.

In today's day and age, obtaining a customer's trust is one of the biggest acquisitions any business can hope to obtain but we often let our marketing fluff get in the way of making a true connection. There is a tried and true method out there for really making a connection.... It is called sampling.

Customer loyalty is the golden shield that protects your client base from being nibbled away by your competitor's latest low price, new product offering, or hot technology. It prevents your business from suffering drastic revenue ups and downs as consumers become more aggressive bargain shoppers. You create client trust by ensuring prompt delivery every time, and meeting or exceeding project deadlines consistently.

By using the these techniques (and developing many more), you'll begin to actually have conversations with the people you speak with and you'll differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other sales reps who are pitching and annoying them. This will make their day, and yours, much more enjoyable and profitable.

Like all initial resistance statements, what you must do with this objection is to quickly control the situation, assess whether or not your prospect is or can be interested, and then find a way to quickly qualify them.

In today's information age, people are overwhelmed with information, data, and events to the point of being bombarded. With the advancement of technology that overwhelmed feeling is increased tenfold by the quick access to everything. So what does this mean when you are trying to command the attention of your audience, a prospect, an employee or a client?

Have you ever needed to ask directions? You know, you're traveling and trying to get to your hotel, or you're in a different part of the city looking for a restaurant and when you don't know the way, you stop and ask somebody, don't you? It applies to sales as well.