Rapport : An emotional bond or friendly relationship between people based on mutual liking, trust and a sense that they understand and share each other's concerns. Creating that sense of understanding and mutual trust is a skill which has been studied through the ages. Building rapport is a science with proven practices and tactics which smooths out the way to more sales.

Human nature being what it is, it's only natural for many people to try to get the best price that they can. And many times it's our behavior that prompts the customer to ask for a discount. By changing our behavior, we can impact the customer.

Salespeople who see themselves as "good problem solvers" naturally look around for problems to solve. In fact, many of the best salespeople don't look for problems to solve, they create discontent in their customers by showing them better ways to do things. Let's consider ourselves people who can put together our products and services into offers that give the customer what he/she really wants.

Sending a thank-you note may be considered old-fashioned today, but it's one unfashionable habit that salespeople would be wise to adopt.

"I must believe in a product in order to sell it."I can't tell you how many times I've heard this. I hear it frequently from new salespeople, and occasionally from more experienced reps. It is often pronounced with a bit of a smug, self--righteous attitude and projects the air that this is the last word on the subject -- "That's my position. Period. End of conversation." That's too bad. Because, as long as the salesperson holds this belief, he will never achieve his potential.

The USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, can be a powerful sales tool. There are three basic requirements for constructing a good USP.

Turning prospects in to customers is a big challenge many business owners face especially when they are not skilled in the selling process. But having customers is necessary to grow your business so here are 7 simple secrets to turning prospects into customers.

I'm encouraging you to invest your greatest single resource, your mind, in focusing your mental energy on specific portions of your job. That means thinking about certain things, thinking in certain ways, and doing a lot of it. Got the idea? Never rest. Be discontent with every aspect of your job in order to provide the stimulation to improve on it. Question everything. Think a lot. It will be your key to continuous, life-long improvement.

We cannot manage time, it simply is. We cannot increase or decrease the supply of time. It is fixed for everybody. All we can do as professional sales people is to try and better manage ourselves with respect to time. What we can also do is adjust our activities according to the time we have at our disposal. Time management signifies managing of activities within the fixed time that we all are allocated in equal measure.

Active listening is a way to encourage communication. It ensures that the listener is actually listening to what the speaker has to say.