Knowing how to sell is about perfecting your sales techniques and your sales process. Sales skills evolve. A conscious and continual effort reaps big rewards. Sales requires mental focus and fortitude. Improve your sales process with internal messages that create success!

So what's the easiest way to evaluate (and train and improve) your inside sales reps? Just ask Phil Emery. He'll tell you, "it's all on tape..."

There is nothing worse than going through your entire presentation, getting the buyer all excited and they say, "That sounds great; however, I can't make a decision until I talk to my partner. Can you come back next week and do this again?". Gently suggest that it might make sense to come up with a way to get the decision maker involved with the proposal.

Using a visual presentation is a valuable tool to enhance understanding and retention,but should I leave my presentation with the prospect after the meeting is finished? As you might expect there is no simple, clear-cut answer. There are a number of factors you need to consider.

Sales is the only profession I know of where the overwhelming majority of practitioners are content with their personal status quo. Some mistakenly think that their jobs are so unique that they cannot possibly learn anything from anyone else. Still others think they know it all. They have, therefore, no interest in taking time from some seemingly valuable thing they are doing to attend a seminar or read a book.

Sales calls propel sales reps to financial freedom. Break down your sales call and create messages that engage prospects and close sales. Prospects decide in the first few seconds of a call whether or not you are credible and worthy of their time. Be prepared with a cold call script that works!

You have a prospect who's not committed, so what do you think the chances are you will be able to close the sale? You don't have to waste your time with prospects that aren't absolutely committed to making a change RIGHT NOW! Make sure to stay in touch, or call them back when you say you will.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed sale even if you are holding a signed contract. That means you need to ensure that you keep the sale. Integrating certain strategies into your routine will not only help you differentiate yourself from your competition, but you will increase your odds of keeping every sale you make.

Your Opening Sales Line

You are not crazy if you talk to yourself

What are the first words you say when you meet with a client or prospect? Every wonder if your script is helping or hurting you?

To help you to get and maintain the right sales attitude here are 7 tips that will help you to be a more confident and successful cold caller!