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Cloud-based phone system can increase the sales and productivity of your business

A cloud-based business phone system is uniquely suited to meet your business’ needs. This is especially important today with remote workers, BYOD policies, and changing needs. When you switch to a cloud-based system you’ll have a multi-line solution that’s both flexible and cost-efficient. It’s also easily adaptable for your staff’s needs. All of this is possible without the need for hiring technical staff to maintain it. Now you’ll have greater flexibility, a number you can take anywhere, complete control, all-inclusive billing, and less expensive long-distance calls. Clearly, there are a lot of great advantages here, but they’re only some of what you should expect.

Simplifies Things

Cloud communications streamline the communication process. This isn’t only something your employees can benefit from, but your customers will also benefit as well. According to About Act some of the features everyone will appreciate here include:
* Voicemail to email is great for remote workers because it’s usually faster and easier for them to view written information. It’s also beneficial when you can’t login to your voicemail, such as when you’re driving or in a meeting.
* Apps that allow you to stay connected to co-workers and customers. These apps are easy to use and turn your smartphone into a powerful business phone system.
* A single number that customers can contact when they need to reach anyone at your company makes it easier for your customers. It also benefits you with its call transferring, call logging, and two-way video calling capabilities.
* Instant integration with the corporate directory, voicemail, and other key aspects of your business phone system for anyone anywhere makes telecommuting a possibility for everyone. This is great for employees who don’t want to give clients their personal, mobile or home phone number. It ensures everyone has privacy.

Since your clients expect a high-quality experience these capabilities will help you consistently leave a positive impression on them. It won’t even matter what time or day they contact your business.

Improves Your Business now and in the Future

There are a lot of features that will help improve your staff’s productivity too. These aren’t costly to add when you’re working in the cloud. Some of these features that will benefit your business now include:
* Call forwarding
* Flexible call diversion
* Call recording
* Music on hold
* Interactive voice response (IVR)
* Call hunt

This mobility and flexibility breaks down your communication barriers since everyone is now able to use the same features, regardless of their location. Most of them have a mobile app that allows you to stay connected with corporate’s phone system. It doesn’t matter what device you’re using– desk phone, Smartphone, tablet, a mobile app, or your personal computer with the Softphone application. Your phone connects with the business’ main phone from any place.

As if convenience weren’t enough, you’ll also save a lot of money since you won’t need to pay for long-distance calls or separate landlines. Instead, you’ll receive a single invoice each month for everything used by everyone, including remote personnel. This simplified billing process frees your employees from preparing monthly expense reports.

Looking at a cloud communications system over the long-term, Meridian Coms says these systems are great because you can’t predict what may happen. In other words, you never know if there will be a fire, flood, or other type of emergency. If any of these things were to ever happen to your business, you can still make and receive calls as long as you have some type of Internet connection.

This means that your business now has increased control and viability. Since security is a huge concern regarding telecommunications this is something you can’t afford to overlook. When you have a cloud-based system you don’t have to worry about this though. IT has greater control over security and can meet any of your company’s auditing or compliance requirements with its comprehensive feature set. This allows you to:
* Log calls
* Monitor agent/employee productivity
* Assess remote workers’ effectiveness
* See how your key phone-based staff are doing — such as your sales representatives

Remember, all of your company’s staff shares the same system and the same features and capabilities here. This means that even workers in home offices or remote locations now have full-featured business phones. They’ll feel more connected to their coworkers through audio conferencing and video web meetings. Now everyone can collaborate with the right people at the right time, making it easier to make the right decision without wasting a lot of time doing so.

Flexible staffing is not only beneficial, but it’s also very important in today’s business world. However, Ring Central says this is a challenge for most IT professionals who are suddenly responsible for supporting these employees. Whether they’re telecommuting from home or working from another branch location, when you have a cloud-based communications system it’s easier to support their needs. It’s also easier when you find that your business is undergoing a rapid growth spurt. No longer do you have to worry about missing calls because of one of these reasons. With call forwarding, you can simply route a call to a mobile device so your employees never miss another call regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.

Ignites Collaboration

With all of this interconnectivity it’s easier to ignite collaboration thanks to a cloud-based phone system. Since you’re not trying to manage multiple phone lines, you’re not caught up in a confusing, costly, cumbersome process. Now that all of your workers are using the same phone system, regardless of where they’re working from, they feel more connected. This goes a long way in improving collaboration because audio conferencing and video web meetings are easy to host and attend.

Clearly, a cloud-based communication system is going to help your business grow. This is because it enables your employees to be more productive since they can now work from wherever they’re located. Now you can also open your talent pool to a larger audience of qualified professionals. By doing so, you’ll also increase your bottom line

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