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Cold Calling For Introverts

Clammy hands? Blank mind? Have you become an expert at creative avoidance? An introvert never actually looks forward to cold calling, yet it’s a necessity for successful career in selling.

Happily, there are some simple cold calling techniques you as an introvert can use to become much more comfortable, move past your fear and enjoy the positive results you want.

These cold calling for introverts techniques can really help:

  • Acknowledge your anxiety. Even professional athletes psych themselves up, put on their game face and focus only on desired results.
  • Be prepared. An introvert is always well prepared. Know exactly how each prospect can benefit from doing business with you, how your company and products can improve their operations or bottom line. Talk with current customers to learn how they’ve benefited to get ideas and examples.
  • Assume prospects are interested. Unless you’re merely opening the phone book and blindly selecting numbers to call, you’re making appropriate contacts. They just haven’t met your company or products yet, so it’s a teaching opportunity for you.
  • Anticipate objections and prepare your answers.You can be a hero by helping resolve problems or allaying concerns about pricing, budget, timing, usage, etc.
  • Pretend you’re speaking face-to-face. An introvert excels in one-on-one meetings.
  • Speak normally. Know the points you want to make, but let your personality show. People buy from other people, and they prefer to do business with people they like.
  • Stand up. Your voice will sound better and you’ll be less tense.
  • Don’t overdo it and don’t mimic an extrovert.

Set yourself up for success, by scheduling short cold calling sessions — say, ten calls or 15 minutes — and rewarding yourself after each session. Rewards should be something you really like, such as calling one of your best customers to check in, reading for a few minutes (limit the time) about sales tips or market trends, even tapping into a short podcast or video.

Short sessions and frequent rewards make cold calling manageable and focus on the positive, energizing you for your next round of calls. Get up and move around between sessions, too, because stretching improves blood flow to your body and your mind.

These cold calling techniques for introverts can improve your results. And remember, cold calling is not a goal. It’s the first step in a winnowing process, so naturally you’ll find some “chaff” along the way. But with every call, you’re expanding awareness of your company’s brand and products, and you’ve introduced yourself so you’re no longer a complete stranger. You’ve planted a seed that might some day grow into a customer.

Use the strengths of sales introverts to make in-roads where many of the best traditional salespeople can’t often break through.

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