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CPSP Week One Blog

A Veteran’s Thoughts

I have been through countless sales training and personal development programs over my 20 plus years in the sales industry. Some were, quite frankly, horrible and a complete waste of my time, energies and capital. Others have made so many positive changes in my life that the true impact seems to continually reveal itself on a daily basis.

In my experience, the programs that combine both personal and professional development are, by far the most effective, interesting and motivating. Those that focus only on improving selling skills, for example, leave out the person who is seeking to improve his selling skills. And those that only address personal development seem to pay no attention to the fact that a large percentage of the participants time is spent advancing towards professional goals and outcomes.

When I decided to make the commitment involved in earning my CPSP certification from NASP, I expected that the CPSP certification process would involve both my personal and professional life areas.

Or rather, I hoped that it did.

It only took 5 minutes to realize that my expectations and hopes were well founded.

My Mindset

The first week of the CPSP certification process made me get “inside” of my own mind and to truly realize where my thinking and thoughts lead me. While “going inside” is certainly not a new destination for me, revisiting my mindset was a powerful experience for me. Day one made me aware that my mindset needed to be “nudged” back on track.

By Day 6 (12/1/12) I am already feeling more focused to what I truly want. I feel more motivated about going after my goals and more confident that I will attain my intentions.

Perhaps only by coincidence, but yesterday a client of mine called me. I provide marketing content for his company and have, fortunately, over-delivered on his expectations. The owner call me and offered me an National Director of Sales position with his company. He said that something that I had said in an earlier conversation during our weekly call kept coming back to his mind and he felt that not calling me would be a mistake. When I asked what I said that inspired him enough to offer me a high level position (a position that we had never spoken about,) he simply said that I sounded “more focused to results than anyone else he had spoken with.”

Focus and the right mindset, it seems, are very, very good things!

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